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producers or autotrophs and consumers or hetrotrophs

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In which layer do organisms on Earth live?


The part of earth where organisms can live?

Biosphere. :) Hello! :>

All organisms on earth and the environments in which they live?


The meaning of biosphere?

The part of the Earth and its atmosphere where organisms live.

How is your biosphere damaged?

The biosphere includes all the organisms on Earth, as well as the places they live. Deforestation and poaching are examples of ways that the biosphere can be damaged.

What is a toucans biosphere?

A biosphere is a large area in which communities of organisms live. Therefore, a toucan can be found in tropical rainforest.

What is an organism's environment?

An ecosystem or biosphereit is where organisms live and there day to day life.

What is the name given to the part of the earth for plants and animals live?

All living organisms live in the biosphere.

What would happen if there was no biosphere?

If there was no biosphere then there would be no living organisms. This is because the biosphere is the area on earth that holds all living organisms.

What organisms get their energy from a pinion pine tree?

It is a biosphere and it live n raining places

What mixtures exist in the Biosphere?

The Biosphere consists of all living organisms. The mixtures in the biosphere are all plants, animals and one celled organisms.

How does the atmosphere and the biosphere compare?

the biosphere is everything where organisms live so pretty much all of earth and atmosphere is a layer of gasses surrounding the earth

What is the name for the collection of plants and animals of all types that live on earth?

the biosphere

Which are the smallest organisms of biosphere?

The smallest organisms are bacteria.

What types of organisms produce biosphere food supply using energy from sun?

Producers. Plants, phytoplankton, algae.

Why is the Biosphere important for living organisms?

all the living organisms including humans are linked to each other and to the biosphere for survival

What extends from the deepest part of the ocean to the highest mountain top and inclines all territory where organisms live?


What is an example of biosphere?

Some examples of biospheres are:PondsfieldsforestsAny place where organisms can live are biospheres

How is a biosphere different from an ecosystem?

a biosphere, is life which there are organisms in it, an ecosystem is where there is a community of the same organism in it.

About how many organisms live in the tundra?

Bazillions. Did you mean "about how many types of organisms"?

What types of organisms live in the tundra?

Well, the plants and all the animals are organisms!

What is the difference between biosphere and ecosphere?

The Biosphere relates to all biotic organisms on earth. Ecosphere relates to all abiotic and biotic organisms on earth.

How are organisms named?

organisms are named inecologic exa:population,community.ecosystem,biome, and biosphere.

Which organisms act as a bridge between the nitrogen in the atmosphere and the organisms of the biosphere?


Why do ecologists ask questions about events and organisms that range in complexity from an individual to the biosphere?

To understand relationships within the biosphere, ecologists ask questions about events and organisms that range in complexity from a single individual to the entire biosphere.