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A Stannah stairlift enables people with disabilities or other physical limitations to get up the stairs almost effortlessly. Therefore, people that regularly have trouble climbing stairs benefit from purchasing one.

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Q: What types of people would benefit from purchasing a Stannah stairlift?
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What is the purpose of a stairlift?

The purpose of stairlift is to assist a person in getting up and down the stairs. Some people just simply cannot go up or down the stairs without help from someone or something like the stairlift because of medical reasons.

View our range of stair lifts for straight and curved stairs from Stannah the Stairlift People Now available to buy with a 2 year w?

Stairlifts are installed in residential homes for individuals who cannot negotiate flights of stairs on foot. Stairlifts are installed on the wall usually adjacent to the stairs. Once the person needing the assistance is securely seated in the stairlift, a motor is engaged and the stairlift begins to move on its track to bring the person either up or down to the story of the house he or she would like to access. Stairlifts are available for straight walls and curved walls, and there are other options as well, including personal elevators and vertical stairlifts, depending on the home in which the unit is to be installed the budget available for the project.

Who makes the best stairlift?

Can't compare the brands, but you should first consider the different systems and see what's best for the person: - sitting: for people who are very little mobile or risk to become so soon - standing - wheelchair platform stairlift - walking: not a stairlift as such, but maybe a better solution for people who have balance problems but can still walk because it helps them to excercise their legs.

What is the primary function of a Stairlift chair?

The primary function of a Stairlift chair is to assist those people who cannot climb the stairs or go down the stairs by themselves. Handicapped people need some assistance to use this type of chair but independent elderly people can manage to use the chair without any difficulties.

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"Acorn Stairlift says that it has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. They also say that the number of stairlifts they have installed are in the hundred thousands so people must be satisfied with the product as they have been in business for over 15 years and manufacture over 50,000 units a year."

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