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this is not very general but if you are looking for just one specific type to search try the 'white desert snail'

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Are there snails in the desert?

Yes, snails are found in the desert but only emerge after rains in the summer.

Where do snails eat?

Types of Snails Snails come in two main varieties. There are aquatic snails and land snails.

Do snails live in the desert?

Snails do live in the desert but are only obvious after a heavy rain. During the drier times they remain hidden underground.

Why do snails live in the desert?

Snails do live in the desert but are only obvious after a heavy rain. During the drier times they remain hidden underground.

What types of snails are there in the world?

There may be more than 50,000 species of snails in the world, and each of these species are of three basic types, land snails, sea snails, and freshwater snails.Some types of snails include the Roman snail, the garden snail, and the giant African land snail. There are thousands of species of snails.

How many types of snails are there?

100 snails

What are the types of aquarium snails?

2 kinds are apple snails, and mystery snails. I have mystery snails. Make sure they have plenty of calcium, or they're shells will crack.

Are snails carnivores?

there various types of snails water snail, omnivore snails ,and snails that only eats leaves it all depends on the name of the type of snail

What are the decomposers in the Sahara desert?

Snails, slugs, earthworms, bacteria, and mushrooms are some decomposers in the Sahara desert.

What animals are found in the desert biome?

camels, jackrabbits, snakes, snails,

What are the types of desert?

There are two types of deserts : 1. Cold desert 2. Hot desert

How many types of apple snails are there?


How many types of moon snails are there?


What size are snails?

Snails can be less than an inch long; these are mostly the domestic types. But there are more exotic snails that grow to be much bigger.

Types of the desert?

Arizona desert

Do snails kill other animals?

Most types of snails eat only vegetation, however, there does exist a predatory snail that eats other snails.

Is there different types of garden snails?

Yes a lot

What are 3 types of mollusks?

Octopi. Snails. Slugs

How many types of plants are in the desert?

there are over 6000 different types of plants in the desert

How often do snails lay eggs?

Most snails lay eggs once or twice in a week. There are different types of snails which means that the frequency of laying eggs will differ.

Do snails eat duckweed?

Yes, some types of aquatic snails do eat duckweed. Many snails eat a variety of plant materials that are found in ponds and tanks.

Is a snail a predator?

Yes, a snail can be a predator. Many types of snails actually eat other snails including the Decollate snail. Some snails also eat beetles.

What does snails eat?

Different types of snails eat different things. Many snails eat algae or plant material. However there are a great number of predatory snails that eat fish, insects, and other animals. Most land snails eat plants, but snails that live in the ocean have a wide variety of diets.

Are landsnails carnivores omnivores or herbivores?

Powelliphanta snails which are endemic to New Zealand are carnivorous. Many other types of land snails are not.

What are the different types of desert?

There are two general types of deserts: Hot desert: Sahara, Mojave, etc. Cold desert: Antarctica, Gobi, etc.