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There are no animals that live permanently on the Antarctic continent.

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There are about 17 mammal species in Antarctica. All the mammals in Antarctica are seals, dolphins and whales.

The various species of kingfishers can be found on all continents except for Antarctica. There are about 90 known species.

There are naturally occurring plant species in Antarctica

Data about the health of planet earth is the main resource that can be found in Antarctica.

There are no polar bears in Antarctica, sorry.

Some fossils in Antarctica that were found are fish,seashell,dinosaur,and insects such as beetles fossils are some or four types of fossils that were found in Antarctica .

Eagles are not found in Antarctica. Eagles do live in all other regions around the world. There are close to 60 species of eagles. There are two species that live in the North America.

Only the cold polar desert is found in Antarctica.

no but there was found dinozaur bounes

there are 4 different species of penguins in Antarctica. adelie, emperor, chinstrap and gentoo penguins

There are a few tiny critters found there, as below, with no attribution as to the dates when each was found.

Species of fox are found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

No. Snow leopards are only found in Asia. The leopard seal is found in the waters around Antarctica, and the females give birth to their pups in dens in the ice around Antarctica. Several species of penguins lay their eggs and raise their young on Antarctica, but there are no species of land mammals that live on the continent.

the Weddell Seal, the Proboscis Worm, and the Cormorant bird are all rare animals in Antarctica

Some hawk species are found in most regions of the world, exception being Antarctica.

No species of penguin lives in Antarctica. Penguins are sea birds and live at sea. Two types of penguins visit Antarctica's beaches to breed: Adelie and Emperor.

This invasive rodent species is now found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

There are around 45 species of birds which live in and around the coastline and the waters of the Antarctic.There are four species of penguins which live at Antarctica: Adelie, Emperor, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins. Three more species are found in Antarctica but not restricted just to the Antarctic: they are the Rockhopper, Macaroni and Kingpenguins.Five species of albatross are found in the Antarctic. They include the Wandering, Grey headed, Black-browed, Sooty and Light-mantled albatross.Three species of cormorants - the Crozet shag, Imperial shag and Antarctic shag - are all found in the Antarctic.The Yellow-billed pintail is a waterfowl which occurs in the Antarctic.The Snowy Sheathbill, South polar skua, Brown skua and Kelp gull are also found in the Antarctic, along with both the Antarctic tern and the Arctic tern.There are also 23 species of shearwaters and petrels which can be found in the Antarctic.

Adelie penguins are the most common species in Antarctica.

only some vegatation can be found such as fungi, moss,lichens and liverwort and some types of algae. There are two native vascular species of plant, the Antarctic Hairgrass and the Antarctic pearlwort

Certain species of penguin are the only flightless birds found in Antarctica, and then only during their breeding season. These animals are sea birds and they live at sea.

Antarctica has no living species

The Common Frog is the only species found in Ireland.

The whitetail deer can be found on every continent but Australia and Antarctica. Whitetail deer is one of about the 100 types of deer that are recognized in the world.

There are 36 species of wild cats and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

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