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Very few - weddings were dominated by the church and most of the old customs did not survive. Irish weddings tend to be much as anywhere else - lots of celebrating, speeches, dancing etc.

AnswerFrom my research, there's many Irish wedding traditions that you can incorporate. For many exhaustive lists, you can do an internet search. I'll list some of them:
  • Lucky horseshoe. While you probably don't want to carry a real horseshoe down the aisle, there are many lovely pieces of horseshoe jewelry, porcelain horseshoes, or fabric horseshoes that you can wear or tuck away in your dress to incorporate the tradition of Irish brides carrying a horseshoe. Just make sure the horseshoe is turned up (like a u-shape), or the luck will run out!
  • Bells. The chime of bells was thought to do everything from scaring away evil spirits to bringing harmony to the couple. There are many ways you can incorporate this: by tying a small bell onto your bouquet, giving bells out as favors (or setting one on each table), decorating using flowers called Bells of Ireland (ask your florist) etc.. You can certainly use plenty of imagination on this one!
  • The Grushie. The Grushie is a tradition in which the groom throws a handful of coins into the crowd after the ceremony. Your hubby could throw actual coins (you could buy actual Irish coins to throw, or throw regular coins), or chocolate coins (just warn guests before you throw the coins!).
  • A Sixpence in Your Shoe. Most everyone is familiar with "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." However, not everyone is familiar with the lesser known fifth part of "a silver sixpence in your shoe." You can find a silver sixpence over the internet, and if nothing else, you can always use a penny instead.

There are so many other ways to incorporate Irish traditions into your wedding, from wearing Irish lace to saying an Irish toast. Be creative, and most of all, have fun!

Best of luck!

There are some lovely and meaningful Irish wedding traditions, many of which are still carried out today by families in Ireland, or other people of Irish ancestry. There are a lot of traditions, so I'll get started with some of the most popular ones, and what they mean:

1.) Irish Wedding vows: Ireland is known for its great storytelling tradition, its music and poetry. Irish wedding vows add a touch of this poetic grace to a traditional ceremony. Here is an example of a traditional Irish wedding vow:

By the power that Christ brought from heaven, mayest thou love me.

As the sun follows its course, mayest thou follow me.

As light to the eye, as bread to the hungry, as joy to the heart, may thy presence

be with me, oh one that I love, 'til death comes to part us asunder.

This romantic rhyme is also spiritual, and the strong belief in Christ is a huge part of Irish history, art, and culture.

2.) Irish Dancers: Many ceremonies feature traditional Irish dancers who are brought in to entertain guests. The dancers dance to traditional Irish music: in Irish history, special instruments like the bodhran were used to perform songs.

3.) Lucky Horseshoes: Many an Irish bride has carried a horseshoe on her special day: it is meant to bring good luck to the marriage. The horseshoe must be carries right side up, according to tradition.

This website has a section dedicated to Irish weddings: http:/


Refer back to the first answer, Horseshoes, bells, something old, sixpence (not common but have come across it) etc are common anywhere in Britain or Ireland. Specific entertainment or dress (Kilts in Scotland for example) might flavour it slightly but having attended weddings in Ireland Scotland Wales and England there is little difference.

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Q: What unique traditions are carried out during an Irish wedding?
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