What university did Katy Perry go to?

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>Katy Perry went to the music academy of the west in Santa Barbra for a short time.

This is a false statement. She was never a student at the Music Academy. To clarify, the Music Academy is an 8-week summer school and festival, and is not by any means a university. The students in the Voice Program are classically-trained opera singers who study and perform at this summer festival, many of whom are enrolled in respected conservatories and universities across the country.
From my understanding, Katy simply took lessons from a teacher who rents a studio at the Music Academy in the off-season (mid-August to June). It was Katy's choice to take and pay for these lessons. She never auditioned for the Music Academy's summer festival, and therefore was never accepted as a student.
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Who is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is an American, female singer. She was born in SantaBarbara, California. Her birth name was Katheryn ElizabethHudson but she changed it for singing because she did not want tobe confused with Kate Hudson. She sings I kissed a girl , Hot n cold , Thinking of you , Fingerprints , Wakin ( Full Answer )

Are Katy Perry and Matthew Perry related?

No, they are not related. Katy Perry's real last name is "Hudson." She took her mother's maiden name as her stage name, in order to avoid being confused with actress Kate Hudson.

Where did Katy Perry go to college?

she didn't attend collage because she wanted to kick out her music coreer first of all u spelled career wrong haha fail. Next she didnt go to college but she studied online for her classes second of all, you splet you wrong. :)

Where is Katy Perry from?

Santa Barbara, California Katie Perry the fashion designer was born in London, England but currently resides in Australia . :)

Where did Katy Perry go to high school?

Dos Pueblos High School in Santa Barbara, California. DP is in GOLETA, CA, not Santa Barbara, though it is one of the 3 regular high schools in the Santa Barbara School District.

Is Katy Perry Katy perrys real name?

Katy was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, which is still her legal name. Somwhere around 2005-2007 she changed her surname to Perry, he mother's maiden name, because "Katy Hudson" was too close to actress Kate Hudson. She is not Hispanic; she is White since she has fully European blood from Portug ( Full Answer )

What high school did Katy Perry go to?

She grew up in Goleta which is located north of Santa Barbara and attended Dos Pueblos High School. -She grew up in Santa Barbara, and went to Dos Pueblos in Goleta.

What does Katy Perry?

Cats, Shopping, music, friends, vintage things, mini put put, weekend trips, must i go on?

Did Katy Perry go to school?

Yes Katy Perry did go to school in Santa Barbara, California. But she never graduated High School, she dropped out when she was 17 to persue her music career.

How Katy is Katy Perry?

base on her twitter, facebook, formspring accounts and katyperryblog.com and katyperry.com and base on my research... only markus molinariand maybe Russell brand can answer this question... but as i can see it... Katy perry is not as Katy perry as many people have known her. people always appl ( Full Answer )

Is Katy Perry related to the Perrys?

Actually, Katy Perry is not her real name. Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She thought Katy Hudson and Kate Hudson might get a little confusing, so she took her mothers maiden name, Perry.

Who is Katy perry with?

Katy Perry divorced Russel Brand earlier in 2012, and it is unknown if she's currently dating anybody.

How do you be Katy Perrys?

You mean how do you be her, or act like her? Well, first lets start at the head and work our way down 1) Dye your hair black...or a dark color. And style it like a pin-up or from the 1950's 2) Wear makeup like her. Look at various photos on how she does it. But she does a pin-up style makeup a ( Full Answer )

How did Katy Perry get perry?

Her original name was Kate Hudson but because they're was already a Kate Hudson in America- if she wanted to become famous she would have to change her own name. She changed it to her mothers maden name which was Perry. Therefor her name is now Katy Perry

Which high school did Katy Perry go?

She went to Miami Springs. No she did not, she went to Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, CA. She only attend school there one year, her freshman year then she dropped out to pursue her musical career.

Is Katy Perry now Katy Brand?

shes is still keeping her name Katy perry for the media and stuff but she is married to Russel brand so maybe her passport or personal details might chage a bit

Is Katy Perry going to be in a movie?

I had heard that she is going to be doing the voice of Smurfette in the upcoming animated smurf movie. Not sure about non animated films though.

Is Corey Perry related to Katy Perry?

No. She is not Her brothers name is David and her dad's name is Keith. And her birth name is Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson. And Russel Brand, her husband As Of October 22. http://wiki.answers.com/Who_is_katy_perrys_boyfriend#ixzz16bkq3a8X .

Is Katy Perry related to Kimberly Perry?

No, they are not related Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on october 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Kimberly Perry was born in 1983 in Alabama

Did Katy Perry went to university?

No....she stops going to school when she was 15 as a freshman she only goes to Dos Pueblos at Santa Barbara CA

Is Katy Perry sisters to Suzi Perry?

No, Katy Perry is not sisters to Suzi Perry. It is just that Suzi Perry has the same sure name a Katy Perry. Katy Perry does not have any sisters but only has a brother named James Perry.

Are Christina Perri and Katy Perry related?

No, Christina Perri and Katy Perry are not related. Christina's last name is spelt with an I and she is actually ofItalian ethnicity. Katy Perry on the other hand spells her stagename with a y, although her name is actually Kathryn ElizabethHudson. She is American.

How old is Katy Perry going to be in 2011?

Katy Perry will be aged 27 as of October 25, 2011. Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984 and is married to Russell Brand who starred in "Get Him to The Greek" in 2010, where Katy played a part. The two have no children and were married in around December 2010 or January 2011.

Where did perry come in Katy Perry?

It was her mother's maiden name. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is her real name, but veering away from her Gospel background, she decided to change her last Perry because it had more of a "Pop sound."

Did Katy Perry go to high-school?

She actually Graduated in My High School :D Chapparral High School in Temecula -- Wrong she went to Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, California. Got her GED half way into her freshmen year and droped out.

Are Fiona perry and Katy Perry related?

no because Katy perrys real name is kathryn elizabeth Hudson Katy perry is her stage name and perry is her moms last name she changed it to Katy perry for her stage name because she didnt want to get mixed up with kate Hudson

Where does Katy Perry from?

Kathryn Elizabeth Brand, better known by her stage mane (Katy Perry) was born October, 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California.

Did Katy Perry go on x factor?

Yes she did, she was a judge on the version of x-factor that One Direction was created. She was the savior that put Niall Horan through to the next part of the competition. Without Katy Perry's insight on the situation, there may be no One Direction existing.

Is Katy Perry sister to the band perry?

No. Katy Perry's real last name is not actually Perry anyway. It's Hudson. Perry was her mother's last name before she married her father.

What church does Katy Perry go to?

of course the answer to this question is easy she goes to the church where her religion is for example i am Italian a go to a Italian church get it got it good

How did Katy Perry get her name Katy Perry?

Katy's real surname is Hudson, however there is already a very famous actress called Kate Hudson. She thought they had similar names, and people would become confused between them. Perry was her mother's maiden name, so she went with that because it had a ring to it!

Is Katy puppy Katy perrys dog?

No. Katy does not own a pet dog. She has two cats, one famously known for her name Kitty Purry and the other is called Monkey :)

Is tyler perry related to Katy Perry?

As far as i know, Katy Perry isn't related to anyone named Tyler Perry. Katy has a mother named Mary Hudson, a father named Keith Hudson, an older sister named Angela and a younger brother named David.

Is Katy Perry related to Kim Perry of the band Perry?

No, the only thing they share is the same last name, and in Katy Perry's case, it's not her real last name-- she is really Katy Hudson, and she is from California. Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry is really Kimberly Perry, and she and her brothers are from Mississippi.