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Women in Australia were encouraged to join the army. Some women even fought in battle in war zones. Others worked at industrial jobs in factories and as nurses.

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Did civilian passenger ships travel across the Atlantic during World War 2?

Yes there were civilian passenger ships that traveled across the Atlantic Ocean during World War 2. Unfortunately during this time there were many civilian passenger ships that never reached their destinations due to disaster striking during their sail.

During the progressive movement who encouraged Black Americans to learn trades?

During the Progressive Movement, Booker T. Washington encouraged Black Americans to learn trades.

Why was it too deadly to fight battles in traditional formation during the civil war?

I think you would find that a battle is deadly even you fought it in a very untraditional "dove of peace" formation...

Who was the first female civilian casualty of the civil war?

Ginny Wade, a seamstress, was the first civilian casualty of the Civil War. She was the only Gettysburg civilian killed directly during the Battle of Gettysburg.

What is the lowest level of civilian chemical equipment that must be used during cbrne incident?

Level B of civilian chemical equipment are used during an incident involving an unknown hazardous substance

What place had the most civilian deaths during WW 2?

Witout question- Russia. It was estimated that civilian deaths exceeded 10 million.

Who were the civilian leaders during the world war 2?

Winston Churchill

What level of civilian chemical equipment are used during an incident involving an unknown hazardous substance?

Level B of civilian chemical equipment are used during an incident involving an unknown hazardous substance.

Was religious freedom encouraged in Massachusetts?

during the revolutionary war yes

What were women encouraged to do during World War 2?

go out and work

What was life like for American civilian during the Vietnam war?

Hoping not to get drafted.

What was civilian life in the United States during World War 1?


What is the secondary effort during both offensive and defensive operations?

Military to civilian

Who did Australia fight against in Singapore during 1942?

The Japanese were the enemy of Australia during WW2

The number of civilian employees in the federal government increased or decreased during the Great Depression?

The number of civilian employees in the Federal government increased greatly during the Great Depression. This helped to improve the population's access to government help.

Who was only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg?

Mary Virginia Wade, better known as Jennie, was the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg, on July 3, 1863 while baking bread for Union soldiers.

What document encouraged containment during the Cold War?

The Eisenhower and Truman Doctrines

The female ruler of Egypt who encouraged trade during the New Kingdom?


How many Axis casualties were there during World War 2?

Germany had 5 million soldiers and 7 million civilian casualties Japan had 2 million soldiers and 3 million civilian " Italy had 330,000 soldiers and 160,000 civilian "

What were people that were not in the army called during the civil war?

People who were not in the army were called civilian.

Did any civilians die during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

7 civilian casualties

How many civilians killed during world war 2?

Around 48.2 Million Civilians were reportedly to be killed during World War 2, 84% were Allied Civilian Deaths and most of it were USSR Civilian Deaths with 14.6 Million.

Was Australia called Australia during the gold rush?

Yes. Australia officially adopted the name of Australiain 1824.

What nation suffered the most civilian and military casualties during World War 2?

As far as military the USSR with around 6 million. Civilian China, with 7 million.

During the depression in Australia did the American company Goodyear have a baseball team in Australia?

No, American company Goodyear did not have a baseball team happening in Australia during the Depression.