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what upper body muscles are used for softball your triceps and biceps and also your abs or core muscles

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Q: What upper body muscles are used in softball?
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What upper body muscles are used in a softball throw?

The major muscles are Latissimus dorsi, core muscles, Shoulders and the minor muscles used are triceps and forearm.

What muscles are used in hitting a softball?

every muscle in the body

What muscles are used in softball?

The muscles that are used in softball are you use your triceps, bicepts, abs, and/ or core of you muscles

What MUSCLES used when pitching softball?

There are no muscles that are not in use. In pitching a softball, the body moves as a coordinated unit, and virtually every muscle is in play for some reason.

Are buttock muscles used when walking?

The gluteus muscles are used when walking. They support the upper body in an upright posture.

What muscles are used in playing softball?

Pretty much all of your muscles.

What muscles are needed when running?

Most of the muscles of the body are exercised when running. Of course the foot and leg muscles are needed the most but the muscles of the torso and upper body are used as well.

What are the most used muscles of the upper body that are used in wrestling?

shoulders (deltoids) and chest (pectorals).

What muscles are used when riding a bike or scooter?

Mainly lower body muscles - legs, feet etc. But the upper body does get some use.

What bones are used in softball?

no bones are used- only muscles

How many muscles are used in softball?

28. Does that answer this stupid question?

What muscle is used during softball?

Every Muscle is used in softball, but the main muscles are the ones on your arm for throwing and batting.

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