What us president died in 2006?

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Gerald Ford died December 26,2006 at 6:45 pm at Rancho Mirage, California from cerebrovascular disease.
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How many people from the US died of AIDS in 2006?

Approximately 18,000 . The link below is to a CDC report on US AIDS death statistics. On pg 17 of the .pdf there is a table. 2005 is the most recent year listed.. 2001 - 17,726. 2002 - 17,318. 2003 - 18,020. 2004 - 18,099. 2005 - 17,011. http://img.thebody.com/cdc/pdfs/2005SurveillanceRepor ( Full Answer )

If the Vice President of the US died who would be President?

The President would be he isn't the one who died Answer The president...unless the president died as well. If both the president and vice president were unable to hold office, then the speaker of the house of representatives would take over as stated in the Presidential Line of Succession ( Full Answer )

Which US vice presidents died in office?

George Clinton , Madison's first VP died in office in 1812 as did his secon-term VP Elbridge Thomas Gerry in 1814 died of heart failure . Rufus King, who was Pierce's running mate, died of TB after being in office about a month. He was too sick to travel to Washington before he died. Thomas ( Full Answer )

Which two US Presidents died on the same day?

Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died the very same day. The date of their deaths, July 4, 1826, was also the 50thanniversary of the US Declaration of Independence. Five years later James Monroe also died on July 4. 1831. Also, both Millard Fillmore and William Howard Taft died on the 8thof Ma ( Full Answer )

Who takes over if the president of US dies?

Vice president. If he/she dies the speaker of the house takes over. if he/she dies, then its the president pro tempore of the senate, then its the secretary of state,secretary of treasury,secretary of defense, attorney general, secretary of the interior, secretary of agriculture, secretary of commer ( Full Answer )

Which US President died just a month after being inaugurated?

President William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) was elected the ninth US President in 1840, mainly due to his reputation as a military hero of the Indian Wars in 1811 and the War of 1812. He was inaugurated on March 4, 1841. However, the wintry conditions in Washington and the stress of his position ( Full Answer )

Who would become the US president if the acting president died?

The term "acting President" refers normally to the Vice President who assumes the office temporarily due to incapacitation of the President (as for a surgical procedure). Should the Vice President be incapacitated as well, the office would pass to the next person in the line of succession, who is th ( Full Answer )

Who becomes President if the US Vice President dies?

I am assuming that the President has already died and the question is askling about the former Vice President who is now the President . . , and who has now died in office as well. If that is correct, in that scenario, the next in line of succession would the The Speaker of The House of Representat ( Full Answer )

What US vice presidents took over office when the US presidents died?

John Tyler for Willam Harrison, Millard Fillmore for Zachary Taylor, Andrew Johnson for Abraham Lincoln, Chester Aurthur for James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt for Willam McKinley, Calvin Coolidge for Warren Harrding, Harry Truman for Franklin Roosivelt, and finnaly Lyndon Johnson for John Kennedy

Has a wife of a us president ever died of cancer?

Yes, Two First Ladies Died Of Cancer, Pat Nixon Died In June 1993 0f Lung Cancer And Jacqueline Kennedy Died In May 1994 Of Lymphatic Cancer.. Yes, Two First Ladies Died Of Cancer, Pat Nixon Died In June 1993 0f Lung Cancer And Jacqueline Kennedy Died In May 1994 Of Lymphatic Cancer.

If the Vice President of the US dies who would assume his responsibilities?

In the short term, the President pro tempore of the Senate and the other members of the President's Cabinet. But under the terms of the 25th Amendment, the President will nominate a new Vice President, to be confirmed by the Senate. There is no succession to the office of the Vice President.

Which US presidents died while in office?

Eight US Presidents have died in office: four byassassination and four from other causes. 9th President, William Henry Harrison (April 4, 1841 NaturalCauses ) 12th President, Zachary Taylor , (July 9, 1850 NaturalCauses) 16th President, Abraham Lincoln (April 15, 1865 -assassinated) 20th Pres ( Full Answer )

Who becomes US president if Obama dies?

Senator Joe Biden would become the President-Elect if Obama were to become unable to server as President (eg. death) beginning December 15, 2008. Should President-Elect Obama be unable to server as President prior to December 15, 2008, the day the Electoral College votes, several scenarios might hap ( Full Answer )

How many US presidents have died in office?

8 US presidents died in office. Four were assassinated and four died of natural causes. They were: . William Henry Harrison - April 4, 1841, died of pneumonia after giving a long inaugural address in the cold and rain. . Zachary Taylor - July 9, 1850, died ,possibly from cholera, after eating ta ( Full Answer )

Who was the president of the US before Kennedy died?

John F. Kennedy was the president of the United States from 1961 until his death in 1963. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president before him, and Kennedy's vice president Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as president in the hours after Kennedy was assassinated.

Who takes over if the US president dies?

If the president dies, the Vice-president takes over. Here's the order of succession:. The Vice President . Speaker of the House . President pro tempore of the Senate . Secretary of State . Secretary of the Treasury . Secretary of Defense . Attorney General . Secretary of the Interior . Sec ( Full Answer )

What US president died after only 31 days in office?

William Henry Harrison, our ninth president, was only in office for thirty-one days. His innauguration speech was nearly two hours long, the longest inaugural address at 8,445 words. He rode to the inauguration through wet and cold weather. He caught a cold that turned into pneumonia, and he died 31 ( Full Answer )

How Many Us Vice Presidents died in office?

Seven U. S. Vice Presidents died while Vice President: . George Clinton, April 20, 1812 . Elbridge Gerry, November 23, 1814 . William R. King, April 18, 1853 . Henry Wilson, November 22, 1875 . Thomas A. Hendricks, November 25, 1885 . Garret A. Hobart, November 21, 1899 . James S. Sherman, ( Full Answer )

What happens if the US President or Vice President dies?

If the President dies, then the Vice President becomes President. If the Vice President dies, a new Vice President will be nominated, to be confirmed by Congress. If the remaining term is short (weeks), this might not be feasible, but that has never been established. Only two Vice Presidents, Geral ( Full Answer )

What US President died from an STD?

Answer The best I could find is a somewhat comprehensive list of presidents and how they died though none seem to be from STDs.\n\nhttp:// ( Full Answer )

What president died in the us capitol building?

John Quincy Adams who was elected to the House of Representative after he was president was stricken with a massive stroke while the House was in session and died two days later in the Speaker's room just off the House Floor. (Apparently they were afraid to move him to a hospital.)

Who was the Vice President of the US in 2006?

Richard (Dick) Cheney (born January 30, 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska) succeeded Al Gore as the forty-sixth Vice-President of the United States, serving between January 20, 2001 and January 20, 2009, including the whole of the year 2006.

How many us presidents died in April?

Four died in April. Wm Harrison , Lincoln and FDR died in April while in office. Nixon died after he had left office.

What are the ages of the US presidents when they died?

These are the 38 U.S. Presidents who have died, listed from oldestto youngest at the time of death: . 93.45 years : Gerald R. Ford . 93.33 years : Ronald Reagan . 90.68 years : John Adams . 90.19 years : Herbert Hoover . 88.63 years : Harry S. Truman . 85.29 years : James Madison . 83.22 yea ( Full Answer )

What US president age died at the youngest age?

the answer is George Washington. _____________________________________________ Here are the top ten: . John F. Kennedy (46) . James A. Garfield (49) . James K. Polk (53) . Abraham Lincoln (56) . Chester A. Arthur (57) . Warren G. Harding (57) . William McKinley (58) . Theodore Roosevelt (6 ( Full Answer )

How many US Presidents died on Christmas?

None of the US Presidents have died on Christmas only two have passed the day after. . 38. Gerald R. Ford . Dec 26, 2006, 6:45PM. 38. Harry S. Truman . Dec 26, 1972, 7:50AM. 33.

What US presidents died on the same date?

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died the very same day, July 4, 1826. Five years later, James Monroe also died on July 4, 1831. Harry Truman (in 1972) and Gerald Ford (in 2006 ) both died on December 26. Millard Fillmore (in 1874) and William Howard Taft (in 1930) both died on March 8.

Have any US presidents died of HIV?

No, they have not. HIV was not diagnosed until the early 1980s, and little was known about it at that time. There is no evidence that any former presidents who died in the period from the mid-1980s to the present were carriers of this virus, nor did any of them die from it.

What US president died in an interesting way?

Four presidents were killed by assassins bullets. I do not know if that is what you call "interesting" but it is a dramatic and shocking way to die. Kennedy and Lincoln probably never knew what hit them. Garfield and McKinley seemed to be recovering at one point, so maybe their deaths were l ( Full Answer )

Which US Presidents died on the fourth July?

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on thisdate, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration ofIndependence on 4th July 1826. First to die was Thomas Jefferson, then John Adams. With his dyingbreath, Adams called out "Thomas Jefferson survives...", notknowing that a messenger was ( Full Answer )