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put a lot of then in a jar, then put the jar in the room/office/ect of someone you hate. If you really hate then, shake the jar to make them angry. But seriously, don't do this, they may be alergic. Ants are part of the whole nature balance, one thing eats the other thing thing.

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What ants use other ants as slave ants?

red ants

Why do ants use their antennae?

Ants use their antennae for smelling, feeling, and hearing.

What do ants use their antennas for?

Ants smell with their antenna.

How do ants go to the toilet?

Ants do not use toilets.

How do you use borax to kill ants?

Borax kills ants.

In what ways do ants use their antennae?

when they communicate with other ants

Does ants use defenses to protect themselfs?

yes ants "does" use defenses to protect "themselfs"

What is the use of the ants?

there is no use in the world for ants...:( Actually, The use for ants is so they can pick up food that has been thrown down or not used by a human or another animal. ~ Tara

How many noses do ants have?

"ants do not have nose they use their antennas in finding foods" - nikee Do ants have 5 noses?

What acid do ants contain?

Ants contain formic acid. It was first discovered in ants and was named from the Latin word for ant. The ants use it for their sting.

What is a predator of ants?

Humans are technically predators of ants. We can use ant propellent to kill ants and their enviroment. Bears are also known to be a predator of ants and can totally destroy the ants homes.

Do Ants use the Internet?


What do ants use as hula hoops?

Nothing, ants do not hula hoop.

Do ants have ears?

NO, Ants do not have ears. They use their antlers to feel vibrations in the ground.

Are ants heterotrophs?

Ants are heterotrophs. This means the ants use organic carbon to help them grow. Autotrophs use sunlight for their energy source.

How do you use a colony of ants in a sentence?

A colony of ants is marching on my corn patch! There's a fresh colony of ants invading the kitchen.

What acid is ants?

When ants sting they use formic acid. It is the simplest organic acid.

How do ants use their antennae?

with there pee

What can you use to kill ants?


How do ants work together to carry the food particles?

Ants use a chemicals to work together as a team. Not all ants carry food particles. Some ants dig tunnels.

What do ants use to discover food?

They use their sense of smell.

What ants use their jaws for?

Eating. They use their jaws for eating.

Do ants use their legs help them eat?

no the use their antenas

What body parts do ants use to move dirt?

Ants use their front legs to move dirt. Some of them will also use their jaws to move dirt around.

How do ants find food?

They use their antenna

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