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What use to we have for geography in our every day lives?


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September 21, 2008 12:30AM

We need and use geography in our everyday lives. Geography is used by every person in the world. We use it when we get out of our beds in the morning and go outside. This is because we need to asses the climate outside, or the weather. So we dress apropriatly. If we did not have geography, we would go outside in a short sleeve shirt even if it was three below zero. Geogrphers are also highred to determine where somebody should build for example a mall, or a grochery store. Someone wouldn't build a mall in the middle of nowhere would they? No, this is because geographers realize that the population here is limited and therefore nobody would go to that mall. Geography is also used for location things by way of catography (the study of maps or mapmaking). Cartography is used to make a Gps or place street signs. There are two subcatagories to geography, these are Human and Physical geography. Human geography is the study of humans and their way of life, While Physical Geography is the study of the Earths Natural Environment. These subcatagories coexist. For example, Humans are related to human geography and can affect the Earths Natural environment. While the environment can affect the humans and their way of life.