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What used transmissions will work in a 96 Cavalier?

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Check with your local wrecking yard. They will know.

2004-09-11 09:37:31
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Can transmissions be interchanged 96 bretta into a 93 cavalier?

No, one car is OBD1 and one is OBD2, they will not work.

Are the 5 speed transmissions the same for the 96 Cavalier 2.2L and 2.4L?

no, they are different setups completely

What year transmissions will interchange for a manual transmission 96 Cavalier?

95 to 98 2.2 will all interchange

What all transmissions will work on 5.7litter 96 silverado?

The ONLY 2 transmissions that can be used is a 1996 or 1997 4L60E tansmission if it is a 1/2 ton and the 4L80E transmission if it is a 3/4 ton

Will a transmission from a 96 cavalier work electronicly in a 95 cavalier?

Most of the larger computerized salvage yards will have that info and can tell you if they are compatable.

Change key cylinder in 96 Chevy cavalier?

i have a 1997 chevy cavalier the wipers and radio work when turn the key swich back

Will all 4l60e transmissions from 1992-1998 work in 1996 4x4 1500?

First place, 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive transmissions will NOT interchange they are different. There is only 2 years that will work in the 96 and that is a 96 and 97 4L60E 4-wheel drive transmission.

Will a 96 2200 cavalier motor fit in a 00 2.2 cavalier?


Where is the temperature sending unit on a 96 cavalier?

The temperature sending unit on a 96 cavalier is on the front of the engine. It is just to the left of the alternator.

Where is the convenience center on a 96 Chevy Cavalier?

where is 1996 cavalier convenience center

Are 96 lexusES300 transmissions interchangeable with the 93 es300?


Can a 22 liter engine from a 1995 Chevy Cavalier be put into a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

i don't see why not the 2.2 was used in 95 and 96 should fit right in

Will a 1994 95 4l60 work in a 1996 Chevy 1500?

NO. The 96 and 97 transmissions are the only 2 that will bolt up right and they ONLY fit the 96 and 97 models. The starter and torque converter cover plus the transmission bell housing braces are different then all the other year transmissions. You MUST put a 96 or 97 year back in it.

Where is the low side ac port on 96 Chevy cavalier?

There was a website that said it was underneath the cavalier.

Will a transmission out of a 94 suburban work in a 96 truck?

no different transmissions different speed sensors different obd cant burn prom on cpu

What is the compression on 96 cavalier 2.4?

9 to 1

Is it possible to remove the theft system on a 96 cavalier?


Where is the maf sensor on a 96 Chevy cavalier?

in your car

Diagram for horn placement on a 96 Chevy caviler?

The diagram for the 96 Cavalier horn placement can be found in the Cavalier service manual. The manual can be bought in most auto parts.

What type transmissions came in a 96 Chevy wt 1500?

That would be the 4L60E

Is O2 sensor on 96 cavalier easy to replace?


What are all the possible compatible engines that can be used to replace an engine from a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier?

*96-98 Olds Achivea *96-01 Pontiac Grand Am *99-01 Olds Alero *96-01 Pontiac Sunfire *96-01 Chevy Malibu *96-? Buick Skylark *96-98 Olds Cutlass

What are all the years or transmissions will fit in a 96 4x4 s10 blazer?

gm says 96 and 97 are identical and can be changed back and forth

Where is the relay switch on a 96 Chevy Cavalier?

Which one? What are you having problems with?

1996 cavalier transmission fit 1995 cavalier?

It depends on the type of cavalier motor you have. If the 96 cavalier tranny has no dipstick then you will have to change the computer as well the 95. It's not worth it, find something in the 95,97,98,99,00 models.