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What value does training bring to a business?

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I think when you you train or when people are trained quality of products is improved. It's also a way to motivate workers. I think training is invaluable. First of all it allows a company to improve it's staff easily, quickly and usually economically. Rather than having to hire new workers each time a new skill is needed - the existing workers, those familiar with the business, can be trained or retrained in the needed information. Secondly, training can be used as a perk - telling the employee that they are valued enough to be sent out of the office for a day or so to learn a new skill - one that will improve them and help their company. A company that does little or no training is refusing to change with the times and will most likely be swept up by the competition. We live in such a changing world that we must train, retrain or become obsolete.

2008-07-23 00:21:25
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Business Management Training College was created in 1973.

Where can I get business management training?

Business training is offered through many local community colleges, check your local listings. You can also get business training through classes online.

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Http:// is a site that offers business training seminars. Just choose the specific area of business you want before joining a seminar.

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Yes, small business training is definitely worth it. You learn so much through experience and from reading information. There is no better choice than experience if you are opening or training at a small business.

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What is the best way to go about launching a training and recruitment business?

The best way to go about launching a training and recruitment business is to scout out what businesses are in the area where this type of business will be located. Adapt the business to fit the type of training needed to fill jobs locally. Then, branch out to a wider area after the business is successful for one year.

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Some business do offer free training for government employees. Many government jobs offer free training as part of the hiring process.

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