What variables in turbo C?

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There are mainly 3 types of variables in c. Integer, Float and character :)
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What are the structure of turbo c?

Answer . structure is a collection of heterogeneous datatypes.it stores these datatypes into contiguous memory allocation

Difference between a variable vane turbo and non variable vane turbo?

Answer . Vanes inside a turbocharger control the acceleration of gases inside the turbo and thus the speed at which the turbocharger itself can accelerate the compressor and produce boost. Tight vanes produce a quick spooling turbo with little lag but one that can quickly choke the engine at hig ( Full Answer )

What is turbo C programming?

Answer . Programming in C using the "Turbo C" integrated development environment (IDE) from Borland. Nothing fancy, it is orthodox C programming; in stead of typing the code in a text editor such as vi, you type in an IDE editor, and then in stead of running compiler, linker from command-line, ( Full Answer )

What is the history of Turbo C program?

HISTORY OF TURO C. C stands for COMBINED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. Sometimes called SYSTEM PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE or SPL. C parallels with UNIX in 1969, by Bell Laboratories that sought an alternative to the Multics operating system for PDP-7 computer. The original version of Multics operating system was ( Full Answer )

What are theComponents of turbo c?

Wheel Shaft; Compressor Wheel; Bearing Housing; Turbine Housing; Compressor Housing They are the main parts plus there are internals, Bearings etc.

What is turbo c?

Turbo C was a type of compiling program suite for C programming byBorland for the Integrated Development Environment. It was a smalland fast type of programming that was affordable and came witheasy-to-use manuals. "Turbo C" is simply the brand name used by Borland to describe theintegrated developm ( Full Answer )

Who is the founder of turbo c program?

Turbo c program is from Borland which is an integrated developmentenvironment and a computer language. Some of the parts of turbo cwere incorporated from the wizard c in 1987, but it was firstdeveloped by Dennis Ritchie in 1970.

What are the 32 keywords in turbo c?

auto double int struct break else long switch case enum register typedef char extern return union const float short unsigned continue for signed void default goto sizeof volatile do if static while

Turbo C keywords?

auto, double, int, struct, break, else, long, switch, case, enum, register, typedef, char, extern, return, union, const, float, short, unsigned, continue, for, signed, void, default, goto, sizeof, volatile, do, if, static and while

Syntax of turbo c?

+ += - -= * *= / /= % %= = == != = & && | || ^ ~ >= , [] () are the basic operator in TURBO C .

What is turbo c variables?

Turbo C variables are memory place holders for storage of data during the execution of a Turbo C program. Types of variables include integer, real and char.

What is turbo-C programming?

turbo-c is a compiler made by borland (which no longer makes compaliers). programming in turbo-c is as programming in standart c with the restrictions of turbo-c compiler. today more commonly used is the gcc note: turbo-c also has a full ide where gcc is a compiler only, which you can use with a sep ( Full Answer )

What Library and linking of turbo c?

Technically speaking, you can create a useful, functional C program that consists solely of statements involving only the C keywords. However, this is quite rare because C does not provide keywords that perform such things as input/output (I/O) operations, high-level mathematical computations, or ch ( Full Answer )

History of turbo-c?

HISTORY of Turbo C C stands for COMBINED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE.Sometimes called SYSTEM PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE or SPL. C parallelswith UNIX in 1969, by Bell Laboratories that sought an alternativeto the Multics operating system for PDP-7 computer. The originalversion of Multics operating system was writ ( Full Answer )

What is better turbo c or dev C?

Depends upon the personal opinion. They both are different IDE. Dev C used the MICGW compiler while Turbo C uses Borland compiler. Hence due to this, certain inbuilt functions will not work in Dev C. clrscr() is one such function. However Turbo C is outdated and does not use follow many of the progr ( Full Answer )

Advantage and disadvantage of turbo c?

i came to know about that turbo c compiler is having 32 number of disadvantages........ i know about 10-12 disadvantages and i am sharing those wid u .... 1) Turbo c is a 16bit compiler ... means it can access about 16bits of data at a time... 2)Turbo c is based upon 8086 microprocessor... and ( Full Answer )

What are the different turbo-c programs?

There are quite a lot of different C-programs, eg: int main (void) { puts ("One of them"); return 0; } int main (void) { puts ("Another"); return 0; }

What is the Syntax of recursion in turbo c?

Nothing. A function may call itself just like any other function, eg: int main (int argc, char **argv) { . if (argc>0) { . puts (argv[0]); main (argc-1, argv+1); . } return 0; .

What is turbo C programming language?

C language is a computer programming language, which allows one todevelop programs for users. compiler is software that allows any high level language to betranslated into the machine language, compilers are languagespecific, i.e. c language has its own compiler which will translatethe code written ( Full Answer )

How do you declare constant in Turbo C?

In C there is no constant with a name. It is done with the preprocessor directive of. define as in. define pi 3.1416. The preprocesor substitutes every occurance of word pi (with blanks on either side) with 3.1416

What are classification of turbo c?

Turbo C was a wonderful IDE for the C programming language, created by Borland. Actually, it was one of the first IDEs ever offered for any programming language. It had some market share in the early 1990s. Please see the related links for a history and its incarnation as Turbo C#.

How do you check errors in turbo c?

Most programming languages have a 'debugger' to indicate where coding errors are. Look in the help pages of your Turbo C program

What are variables in C?

variable is must start with letter or ( _ ) under score ex : int a; means a is a variable we can store value on it

Who is the inventor of turbo c?

A company called Borland. (Actually it was based on the former product Wizard C of Bob Jervis.)

Why turbo c is program in c lang?

Your question makes no sense. . Actually it makes perfect sense and is a very good question, most modern compilers are written in the language they compile. It makes them easier to update, test, and maintain. C compilers are written in C, Pascal compilers are written in Pascal, Ada compilers are ( Full Answer )

Why you have to declare variable first in turbo c?

All variables (and constants) must be declared before they can be used. This is so the compiler knows exactly how much memory to allocate to the variable, as the declaration tells the compiler exactly what the variable's type is.

What are the modofier in turbo C?

You can use every standard C modifier in TurboC: long, short, signed, unsigned; and every storage class as well: static, extern, auto, register, typedef.

How do you make a program in turbo c?

You could try writing it and compiling it. This involves a considerable amount of commitment and study to learn programming (in any programming language).

Who developed turbo C language?

Well, TurboC is not a language, it is an IDE (Integrated Developing Environment), it was developed by Borland (based on an older program called Wizard C).

How do you get original cursor in turbo c?

In turbo c command prompt select " options " in that click on " environment " and next click on " editor " next select " I nsertmode " and press" ok " .After that u will get a original cursor hi this is padma priya if you get any doubts related to c language you can send mail to p adma6959@gmail ( Full Answer )

What are the 42 keywords in turbo c?

Standard C keywords: asm, auto, break, case, char, const, continue, default, do, double, else, enum, extern, float, for, goto, if, int, long, namespace, register, return, short, signed, sizeof, static, struct, switch, typedef, typename, union, unaigned, void, while. Additional Turbo C keywords: cde ( Full Answer )

Why turbo c language is called turbo c?

Turbo Pascal and Turbo C were early programs written by Borland for the IBM PC. They were compilers for Pascal and C, respectively, that ran much faster than other compilers for those languages at the time. Thus they were named Turbo because they were fast.

What are the example command of turbo c?

TurboC does have commands, some of them are: Load, Save, Compile, Link, Execute. I don't know what do you mean by 'example command'.

What are the different Turbo C operators?

TurboC is a program, the language is C Some of the operators are: . -> * [] () , ?: = == < >= != + += ++ - -= -- % %= / /= >= ! ~ ^ & &= && | |= ||

What is File Processing in Turbo C?

In TurboC file-processing is opening, closing, reading, writing, deleting, copying, renaming... etc the files. In other contexts file-processing is opening, closing, reading, writing, deleting, copying, renaming... etc the files.

Who was the inventor of Turbo C?

Wizard C, developed by Bob Jervis, was bought by Borland which released it as Turbo C Version 1 in 1987. Version 2 was released in 1989. There were no further releases of Turbo C as development then shifted towards Turbo C++, which was developed outwith Borland but under contract. Turbo C++ Version ( Full Answer )

Do while loop in turbo c?

do { // statement ; } while ( expression ); The statement body is executed at least once. At the end of each iteration, the expression is evaluated. If false (or 0), the loop terminates. If true (or non-zero), the statement body executes another iteration. Like any other loop struc ( Full Answer )

Does turbo c and c?

Turbo C is an old variant of the C language, called Turbo because it compiled very quickly compared to the other compilers of the day. It is / was a full featured C language, if that is what you are asking.

What are the example of TURBO C?

1. Turbo C is an example of Integrated Developing Environment. 2. Turbo C has example programs, the most important is bgidemo.c

What is Turbo C download used for?

Turbo C is a compiler for a general purpose computer programming language called C. It transforms code written in C into the computer language needed for executable programming.

What are the backslashes that are use in turbo C?

Backslashes are used to mark the start of an escape sequence whichcan be used within character arrays (strings) or as a singlecharacter. Thus the escpae sequence '\t' is the TAB character, '\n'is the newline character and '\r' is the carriage-return character.To print a literal backslash, you use a ( Full Answer )

Who discovered the Turbo C?

Turbo C wasn't discovered. The C programming languagewas originally developed by Dennis Ritchie from 1969 to 1973,specifically to re-implement the UNIX operating system, butimplementers were quick to adapt C for a wide variety ofsystem-specific, low-level programming, thus an explosion ofnon- ( Full Answer )