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What vegetables are brown?

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potato's are

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Why does cooked vegetables turn brown?

My best guess is that some of the sugar inside the vegetables caramelizes with the heat, turning the vegetables brown.

What are some brown vegetables?


Foods that contain fiber?

brown bread, brown rice, fruits, vegetables, cereal.

What has the author Elizabeth Burton Brown written?

Elizabeth Burton Brown has written: 'Vegetables' -- subject(s): Cookery, Cookery (Vegetables), History, Juvenile literature, Vegetables, Cooking (Vegetables) 'Grains' -- subject(s): Cereals, Cereals as food, Cookery, Cookery (Cereals), History, Juvenile literature

Round hard starchy vegetables with brown skin?


How do you prevent cut vegetables from turning brown?

Oxygen causes vegetables to spoil faster. Vacuum sealing them will keep them fresh longer.

Why do you need healthy food in your body?

grain vegetables, brown sugar, weat

How many weight watcher points are Chinese vegetables in brown sauce?


Why vegetable stains turns reddish brown when washed with a soap solution?

the chemical nature of soap solution is basic, therefore when u wash vegetables with soap slution it reacts with stains on vegetables and turns them reddish brown.

What do Brown Garden snails eat?

Eats celery,vegetables,ripe cherries,and apples.

What are some examples of fiber?

whole grains,vegetables,fruits,oats,brown rice

Why do fruits and vegetables turn brown?

They start to oxidize, they start to react with oxygen in the air.

What do you feed your grasshopper?

A variety of leaves and vegetables. Take out any brown or rotting food.

What are the five food categoties?

* Fruits and olive oil; * Raw Vegetables / Cooked Vegetables; * Grains and Pasta; * Nuts & Seeds; * Unrefined sugars (often brown).

Are brown onions gluten free?

Gluten is found in wheat, not onions or any other vegetables.

Which vegetables turn brown after you cut them?

KumaraSweet PotatoAubergine/Egg PlantPotatoYou can prevent most of these from going brown by placing them under water.

If you were chopping vegetables in a restaurant what colour chopping board would you use?

In a restaurant you would use a green board for fruit and vegetables, to avoid cross-contamination. In some places a green board is for fruit and salad, and a brown board for vegetables.

What are some food people should eat to get nutrients?

all lean protein, vegetables, fruit , brown rice, beans, sea vegetables,, EAT ALL ORGANIC... LIVE WELL!!!

What quality indicators do you look for when choosing fresh vegetables?

I look for brightly colored, "healthy" looking produce. I won't buy vegetables that are squishy or soft or have moldy or rotten spots. I also smell the vegetables, passing them over if they smell foul. On leafy vegetables, I pass over those that have wilted, brown leaves.

What type of food does a brown bear eats?

A brown bear is an omnivore. They basically will eat anything that is food. They eat berries and meat. They graze on grass as well as fruits and vegetables.

What vegetables has sugar in it?

Some common veggies are.......... Corn, potatoes (and in the same family), water melon, cantaloupe, rice (brown or white or sweet rice), all fruits, carrots, all vegetables actually except for green leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables ..... maybe more but that's all i found on Internet

Vegetables with names begins with d?

deslinia is fount in Spain it is a brown fruit.ddemania is fount in irialnd and is the color of purple

What is a cheap well balanced diet for a 17 year old male?

Beans, brown rice, seeds, and vegetables.

Which plants and vegetables make dyes?

Safflower, beets, blueberries, red onion skins, brown onion skins, Indigo...

Why is it important to stop fruit and vegetables from going brown?

It is only important if you want them to be edible longer, or if the person eating them or using them doesn't want them to be brown. In the case of bananas, for instance, brown isn't bad for making banana bread. It is just kind of mushy if you want to peel and eat. Some fruits and vegetables taste different after going brown, or might start molding... so they would be very much less attractive to someone who wants to eat them.