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I don't know if deer eat parsnips, But I sure would like to know.


Deer will eat the growing plants of many vegetables, including green peas, tomatoes, carrots, corn, and the tender tips of melon, cucumber, and pumpkin plants. They will stand on top of you to eat black eyed pea plants. My wife and I are gardeners, and live in an area with a LARGE deer population. They will NOT eat potatoes, onions, and garlic. Just about anything else is fair game to them.


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They sure like the vegetables in my garden. Frankly, there are so many deer, they are a pest!

No. They eat vegetables, clover and other grasses.

plants and vegetables and fruits

A deer might eat a spider if it comes across it's path. Deer as a general rule do not seek out insects to eat. They eat mostly vegetables, leafy greens and berries.

i know they will eat apples not sure of any other fruits

The Pennacook Indians ate trout, deer, crops like corn, vegetables, and moose.

Squirrels do not eat dead deer since they are not decomposers and they do not ear meat. Squirrels will commonly eat fruits, nuts and other vegetables in the wild.

They ate turkey, deer, bird, corn, and vegetables.

They eat all sorts of vegetables like beans, squash, and fruits too. Their meats are deer, rabbit, monkey whales, seals, and porcupines.

Deer eat forbs, like flowering plants and weeds.

The pilgrims and Wampanoag eat deer,turkey,fish,squash,cornand other vegetables.

No. Deer are strictly herbivores, they do not eat other animals like raccoons.

Rabbits and deer are two of the biggest garden pests.

Fish, deer, berries, apples and assorted vegetables.

No. Moose are herbivores, they eat plants, not other animals like deer. Wolves, cougars, coyotes and bears eat deer, but not moose.

Most deer eat natural foods, like leaves and berries and grasses.

Animals like wolves are animals that eat deer, and so do we humans!

The Lenni Lenape Indians eat deer, fish, elk, vegetables, berries, and beavers.

no, deers do not like to eat goldenrods

like really deer thy rfgtjki

Mule deer are herbivores, so they eat stuff like grass, bushes, and shrubs.

Echinacea is listed among the botany that deer don't like to eat, but a hungry deer will eat almost anything. You can find more plants listed below, that deer prefer not to eat.

Deer's do not eat dragonflies or any other type of insects. Deer's are herbivores and eat only plants such as grass, flowers and vegetables.

its said that elephants like to eat cabbage and lettuce and other types of vegetables

Usain bolt does not like to eat vegetables

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