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Q: What viscosity oil do you put in the engine of a Mitsubishi 300 gt?
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What kind of oil does a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse need?

A 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse uses standard 10w30 motor oil. This provides a good balance of protection for the engine components and viscosity.

Oil viscosity for 2000 explorer with 4.0L engine?

5W-30 is the preferred oil viscosity

What type of oil does a Mitsubishi Lancer use?

See the list of Related Questions below for direct links to model years of Mitsubishi Lancers, where you will be able to find information about the oil type that is recommended for engines used in that year. Oil is measured in viscosity, meaning the thickness of the liquid. Using a viscosity that is not recommended for your engine may cause damage.THE ONLY WAY TO BE 100% CERTAIN YOU ARE USING THE ENGINE OIL RECOMMENDED BY MITSUBISHI IS TO REFER TO YOUR VEHICLE'S OWNER'S MANUAL OR, IF EQUIPPED, THE REFERENCE STICKER ON THE UNDERSIDE OF THE HOOD.

What is the engine oil used for 1998 Mitsubishi lancer?

in austrailia hot enviro and temp , use 20w50 sl and 300 ml moly engine oil treatment, flush old engine oil first for 15 minutes.

What type of oil would you use in a 99 Mitsubishi galant ES V6 with 170 thousand plus miles?

Any high quality multiple viscosity oil is acceptable. It might be a good idea to use a higher viscosity since the engine has so many miles.

What does 30 means in 5w-30 engine oil?

The 5 and 30 refer to the relative viscosity of the oil when it is cold (5W) and when it is hot (30W). A 5W-30 oil behaves like a 5W thin viscosity oil when the engine is cold, and it behaves like a 30W thicker viscosity oil when the engine is hot. A very thin viscosity is undesirable in a hot engine. In very high temperature situations, an even higher viscosity range, up to 50W, might be called for. Always go by the engine manufacturers recommendations.

What is the oil capacity for a 1999 Mitsubishi mirage?

On a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage, the engine oil capacity is: 1.5L engine: 3.2 quarts 1.8L engine: 3.7 quarts

What symptoms auto oil pressure to rise?

The wrong viscosity of oil in your engine.

What is the correct engine oil viscosity to use in Nissan SR20VE engine?


What is the engine oil viscosity of a 1995 jeep Cherokee with 4.0L engine?


What weight of oil for a 2013 dodge challenger?

According to the 2013 Dodge Challenger Owner's Manual:Engine Oil Viscosity - 3.6L EngineSAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended for all operating temperatures.Engine Oil Viscosity - 5.7L EngineSAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended for all operating temperatures.

What is the engine oil capacity of a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS?

A 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse with the 2.0L or 2.4L engine requires 4.2 quarts of oil.

What happens if you put small engine oil in a car?

The viscosity of the oil may not be heavy enough to protect the engine.

What is the recommended engine oil viscosity for International 464?


What oil to used for a Mitsubishi Galant?

Engine Oil - use with API certification Transmission Oil - Used OEM Mitsubishi Transmission Oil Only.

Can you mix different weights of motor oil?

Of course you can but when you do you are changing the viscosity of the oil. Your engine requires a certain weight or viscosity of oil. Use only the weight oil recommended by the manufacture.

Can you use 10w40 on a Saturn L300?

As the engine wears, the bearing clearances become a little larger, REQUIRING that you use a higher viscosity oil to maintain oil pressure. If using the recommended oil viscosity results in low oil pressure, you should certainly switch to the 10W40. HOWEVER, if the engine can maintain oil pressure using the recommended oil viscosity, you will get better economy and the engine will perform better.

How many liters of engine oil does a Mitsubishi 4D56 diesel engine should have?

5 liters of diesel engine oil.

What type of oil is needed for 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan?

According to the manual :( page 441 )Engine Oil Viscosity (SAE Grade) - 3.3L & 3.8L Gasoline EnginesSAE 5W-20 engine oil is recommended for all operating temperatures. This engine oil improves low temperature starting and vehicle fuel economy. Your engine oil filler cap also shows the recommended engine oil viscosity for your vehicle.For information on engine oil filler cap location, refer to the Engine Compartment illustration in this section. Lubricants which do not have both, the engine oil certification mark and the correct SAE viscosity grade number should not be used.Engine Oil Viscosity (SAE Grade) - 4.0 Liter EnginesSAE 10W-30 engine oil is preferred for all operating temperatures. The engine oil filler cap also shows the recommended engine oil viscosity for your vehicle.Lubricants which DO NOT have both, the engine oil certification mark and the correct SAE viscosity grade number should not be used."( page 444 )Synthetic Engine OilsYou may use synthetic engine oils provided the recommended oil quality requirements are met, and the recommended maintenance intervals for oil and filter changes are followed.Materials Added to Engine OilThe manufacture strongly recommends against the addition of any additives (other than leak detection dyes) to the engine oil. Engine oil is an engineered product and itsperformance may be impaired by supplemental additives.

What does a motor mechanic need to know about viscosity?

A mechanic needs to know which oil to select for the various moving parts of a car. The oil you use in the gear box is usually a higher viscosity than the oil used in the engine. The engine uses different viscosity oils depending on the seasonal temperature.

What is the engine oil viscosity of a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?


What oil viscosity is recommended for 5.3L Chevy engine?


What viscosity engine oil is used in Toyota Camry 2005?


How is viscosity used in cars?

It is used as a lubricant. Ex engine oil

What is the cause of coffee colored foam in engine oil?

Viscosity breakdown