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Q: What vitamins and minerals does pasta have?
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Does pasta have minerals or vitamins?

Pasta has minerals and vitamin because i said so.

What is spaghetti made from?

Spaghetti is also a type of pasta. Spaghetti are long, thin and solid. Like other pasta, spaghetti is made of milled wheat & water and sometimes made of vitamins and minerals.

What has vitamins and minerals in?

how many vitamins and minerals and average

Where do you get most of your minerals from?

You get minerals from rocks or your science teacher. You eat minerals in vitamins and healthy foods like lettuce and whole grain bread or pasta and orange juice and fruits please go to (minerals aren't on it)

Does chicken have minerals or vitamins in?

yes, chicken have minerals and vitamins in it.

How many vitamins are in pasta?

2, and all pasta is the same.

What benefits do vitamins and minerals have on the body?

What benifits do vitamins and minerals have on the body

Why is brown pasta healthier than white?

made of wholemeal and fibre which does ur body more good. it also as better vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates :) <3

Why do you need vitamins and minerals?

when you do not eat vitamins and minerals your body does not know what to do so you Must eat them.

What are the nutriends in pasta?

Pasta is carbohydrates and protien with trace elrments and vitamins.

What stores glycogen vitamins and minerals?

The liver is the body organ that stores glycogen, vitamins and minerals. The minerals and vitamins are some of the nutrients that we get in small quantities from the vegetables and fruits.

Does pasta give you vitamins?

Possibly some B vitamins (particularly if it's whole-grain pasta), but it's mostly a source of carbohydrates.

What vitamins does pasta contain?

Pasta contains no vitamins. It is starch. This is not to eat very often, it makes you fat. It is better to mix pasta with vegetables, meat and nut to give it some nutrition value.

What do rice pasta and fresh fruit and vegetables provide us?

Rice & pasta: carbohydrates (energy). fruits & vegetables: vitamins, minerals, fiber, energy. All of the above also have some protein.

What is the difference between vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins are Organic Molecules and Minerals are Inorganic Substances

How are vitamins and minerals similar How are they different?

Vitamins and minerals are both essential for a healthy body.

What happens when you eat too much food lacking in vitamins and minerals?

Your body needs Vitamins and Minerals EVERYDAY. If you lack Vitamins and Minerals, it will NOT protect your immune system from toxics and bacteria/viruses and your mitochondria will die on you. SO EAT YOUR VITAMINS AND MINERALS.

How are vitamins and minerals different?

Vitamins and minerals differ in basic ways. Vitamins are organic and can be broken down by heat, air, or acid.

Do minerals vitamins and water need to be digested?

No, minerals, vitamins and water do not need to be digested. The foods that contain them need to be. However, minerals, vitamins and water need to be absorbed by the body into the bloodstream.

What minerals does the body make?

None. Minerals and vitamins must be consumed for the body to use them. This is why vitamins and minerals are so important to our nutrition.

What vitamins are in pasta?

Vitamin k

Where are vitamins and minerals broken down?

Vitamins and minerals are broken down in various stages of digestion.

What is the meaning of one dish meal?

A balanced meal that consists of dietary fibre, water and nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in one dish. For example, a pasta (carbohydrates) with vegetables (dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals) and some chicken or meat (proteins and fats) gets everything together without requiring you to prepare three separate dishes.

Which food contains abundant vitamins and minerals?

Most foods contain a good supply of vitamins or minerals. Foods specially abundant in vitamins and minerals include mushrooms, spinach, milk and venison.

Does vegetables contains vitamins and minerals?

Yes, there are vitamins and minerals and vegetables, they absorb them from the ground while they grow.