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I'm 65 taking prenatal vitamins is it ok?

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what vitamins should a 65 year old woman take

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Q: What vitamins should a 65 year old woman take?
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Should a 17 year old take prenatal vitamins?

If she is pregnant. You should discuss which vitamins with your doctor.

What vitamins should I take as a 50 year old woman?

Some of the better vitamins for an older person in their 50's are fish oil supplements, B-Complex vitamins for food metabolism/energy, and an overall natural and not synthetic form of a multivitamin.

What vitamins should a 54 year old female take?

Lots of vegetable and fruits.

What vitamins and minerals do a 70 year old woman with fatigue lack?

what vitamins & mineral need a 70 years ol woman

What vitamins should a 18 year old woman take?

Usually iron, vitamin D, calcium and folate. A multivitamin (like Centrum and others) and a calcium with D supplement should cover it. No need to spend a lot of money.

What vitamins should a 60 year old women take?

Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E. Vitamin D is synthesized in the body itself in the presence of sunlight.

What vitamins and supplements should a 32 year old female take?

Iron fish oil flax seed calcium

Does a 12 year old vegetarian need vitamins?

Yes every vegetarian/vegan should take a B12 vitamin supplement

Should an adult woman take a shower with her 6 year old nephew?

Personally i think that should be left to the mom, unless the woman is the legal gaurdian.

How many calories should a 59 year old woman of 170 lbs take in to lose weight?

You should not eat anything........

What vitamins and minerals should a 60 year old male take?

Vitamin D,B and K are usually recommended for people over 50.

What kind of supplement a 35 years old woman should take to improve lifestyle?

A 35 year-old woman should be concerned with managing inflammation and maintaining cellular health. A good supplement to take is krill oil.

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