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contact a local "answering service" listed in your phone book. they can tell you

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Q: What voice-mail service offers the option of having your assigned voice mail number listed with 411 directory assistance?
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Do mobile phones come equipped with directory assistance?

Depending on the phone carrier you use, you may have a free directory assistance available to you. Our small local cell phone service offers a free directory assistance that has come in very handy. If you have a smartphone, there are many aps available for you to download directory assistance.

Is it possible to retrieve deleted voicemails on a metro pcs phone?

If you deleted a voicemail message at an earlier date, you should call your service provider for details on retrieving a deleted voicemail message. If your service provider cannot offer assistance, consider usingrecovery softwareto retrieve deleted voicemail messages.

How can I use directory assistance on my mobile phone?

Most mobile phone companies automatically list the number for directory assistance on the phone in your contacts list. However, if you do use this service from your cell phone company there will most likely be an extra charge for the service on your phone bill.

How can you locate a telephone number for someone living in Dubai?

The international operator can connect you to directory assistance (directory enquiries) in Dubai, although there may be a substantial charge for this service. Alternatively, you can look on the web, for example www

Are voicemail services included with cellular service?

Voicemail is most likely available with cellular service.

Benefits of Directory Assistance?

Directory assistance is a service that many people use when they want to find information about a restaurant, business or person. Most landline companies offer this service free as a part of their package. Cell phone providers also offer this service either on a per call basis or as a monthly paid addition. Some cell phone providers provide a free version for their customers in which they insert ads that help to pay for the service. This product has been around for quite some time and it is not likely to disappear. People always need help finding numbers to important locations.What is Directory Assistance?Directory assistance is a service that sounds exactly like what it is. It is help for the customer with the telephone number to a desired person or place. Instead of the customer having to type a location into a search engine or leaf through a telephone book, he or she can dial directory assistance. The service will provide that person with the appropriate number.How to Use Directory AssistanceTo use directory assistance, the user must dial a single digit number or a three-digit number. He or she will get either a recording or a live operator. The recording or live operator will ask the person the name of the person or business for which he or she is searching. The person will then have to state the general location of the target. The assistant will search for the right listing and give the person the number that most closely fits the location. The user can then call the establishment or the person.Directory Assistance FeaturesSome directory assistance services offer additional features such as text message help. The user will not only receive a verbal telephone number, but he or she will also receive the number via text message. That way the client can store the number in his or her telephone book for further uses. Some services will also give address information and driving help.Anyone with a telephone and an applicable service can use the directory assistance feature. Using it saves time and money for everyone. With this feature, no one will ever have to search too hard for information.

What is the directory service from BT used for?

It is a automation system that collects data for the directory assistance. When you need to know a number it will be able to quickly find it and a automated voice will give out the phone number you have asked for.

Did they have voicemail in 1962?

The term Voicemail was coined by Televoice International (later became Voicemail International) for introduction of the first nationwide Voicemail® service in 1980.

What is mya michells real number? is not a directory is not a directory is not a directory is not a directory service.

Is there any free telephone directory assistance? is a free online telephone directory service. You should be able to find what you're looking for on there. You may need to input the street address of the person or business you're looking for.

How do you find cell phone number by address?

Assuming you have the persons name as well as their address, any directory assistance service should be able to tell you.

Who is number is this 01792211847? is not a directory enquiries is not a directory enquiries is not a directory enquiries is not a directory enquiries service.

What is karan tacker's real number? is not a directory inquiry is not a directory inquiry is not a directory inquiry is not a directory inquiry service.

What is Jessie harshbuger real number?

This site is not a telephone directory service!This site is not a telephone directory service!This site is not a telephone directory service!This site is not a telephone directory service!

What is 800 1916-419-226? is not a directory enquiries is not a directory enquiries is not a directory enquiries is not a directory enquiries service.

Do all cellular companies offer voicemail service?

yes all cellular companies offer voicemail service. example like , Cingulat, at & t, T-mobile boost

Where can a person find information regarding vmail services?

If someone needed assistance for setting up their voicemail, checking, their messages or something such as stoping or ending their vmail service they should read the instructions or contact a cellular company.

Is there a way of getting my voicemail messages sent to my email account?

The easiest way to get voicemail to email is to switch to a service such as Google Voice. Google Voice is a free service that will email voicemails transcripts to you.

What is number do you call for free directory assistance?

There are many ways on how you can call the international directory assistance. An easiest way to do is to dial 00 on the phone. A voice recording will be heard once you make the call. Follow the instructions closely. As soon as you hear the operator answering your call, ask the operator to direct the call to international directory assistance. You call also use the method of using toll free number. Dial 1-800-225-5288 on the phone. You will hear a recording played. After hearing the recording, try to dial 21 and wait till the second recording is played. Dial 0 now and wait for an operator to direct the call to the directory service. Hope this helps.

Where can one access free telephone directory assistance?

Some of the main providers for telephone directory assistance include 0800 Reverse, 118 118 and 118 247. Of these numbers, 0800 Reverse offers the cheapest service as it is mostly free on emergency calls or important calls. 118 247 and 118 188 offer about the same prices, but they are relatively expensive compared to 0800 Reverse.

What is microsoft's directory service called?

Active Directory

provides directory service toclients inthe network?

provides directory service toclients inthe network?

What is the difference between naming services and directory services?

the naming service that provide for the creation of a standard name for a given set of data.where as,directory service is a naming service which include meta data describing the object referenced by that name,Example of naming service is DNS i.e Domain naming systemExample of Directory service is Telephone directorythe directory service allow to find the object without knowing its name.

When did 411 service start?

411 directory assistance made its debut in 1977 under Bell Telephone for local in home phone calls. For out of area assistance or public telephones you dialed 1-555-1212, with a free call 1-800-555-1212 introduced in 1984.

How do I dial free 411 on a phone?

One company is offering free ad-driven 411 directory assistance services. The free service can be used by dialing 800-FREE411. Dialing just 411 is not free.