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What volume of 0.5200M solution of H2SO4 would be needed to titrate 100.00 ml of a 0.1225M solution of Sr OH2?

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2008-11-12 02:52:48

23.56mL 0.5200M H2SO4 100.0mL Sr(OH)2 x (0.1225mol/1000mL) x

(1mol Sr(OH)2/1mol H2SO4) = 0.01225mol H2SO4 0.01225mol x

(1000mL/.5200mol) = 23.56mL H2SO4 Check it: 2 OH- and 2 H+, so

1-to-1 .5200/.1225 = 4.24 4.24 x 23.56 = 100.01

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