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Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution

Or, for our purposes....,

Liters of solution (volume) = moles of solute/Molarity

Volume (liters) = 0.150 moles HCl/4.00 M HCl

= 0.0375 liters = 37.5 milliliters

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What is the molarity of a solution that contains 125 g of nacl in 400 l of solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/volume of solution so, 125 grams of NaCl (1mol NaCl/58.44 grams NaCl) = 2.1389 moles NaCl/400 Liters = 0.00535 M NaCl

How do you calculate the volume in milliliters of a 0.61M sodium nitrate solution that contains 400mmol of sodium nitrate?

By definition, a 0.61M sodium nitrate solution contains 0.61 moles of sodium nitrate per liter, which is equivalent to 0.61 mmol/ml. Therefore, the volume of this solution required to contain 400mmol is 400/0.61 or 6.6 X 102 ml, to the justified number of significant digits.

What volume of 2.85M NaCl solution contains .400 mol NaCl?

0,4 mol NaCl is 23,376 g.2,85 mol NaCl is 166,554 g to 1L.140 mL solution NaCl 2,85 M contain 0,4 mol NaCl.

How many milligrams of an active ingredient are needed to make 400 ml of a 1 in 1000 solution?

It is not clear whether the strength of the solution is given in terms of mass/mass or volume/volume (or mass/volume). Without that information, it is not possile to answer the question. Depending on which one you may need the density of the active ingredient or of the solvent to convert between mass and volume of that component.

What is the concetration of 400 ml of 0.5 M HCl?

Since the molecular weight of HCl is 36.46g/mole, 1 mole of HCl contains 36.46g. 1 liter of a 0.5M solution will have 18.23g of HCl. 400 ml will have 7.292g of HCl.

What is the volume of 400 cc in milliliters?

They are the same unit of volume stated in different ways: 1 cc = 1 ml Therefore 400cc = 400 ml.

The volume of 400 ml of chlorine gas at 400 mm Hg is decreased to 200 ml at constant temperature what is the new gas pressure?

800mm Hg Pressure and Volume are inversely proportional... thus is volume is halved (400ml -> 200ml) then pressure would double (400 mmHg -> 800 mmHg)

How many calories that one average meal contains?

The average meal contains about 400-600 calories.

What does 400 mg equal to in tablespoons?

It all depends what you are measuring. If the substance is denser, than 400 mg will be less volume than if it is very light.Think of 400 mg of lead vs 400 mg of cotton candy. They are the same weight, but the size or volume of each is quite different.

How many 400 mm x 400 mm in a meter squared?

400 mm x 400 mm = 0.4 m * 0.4 m = 0.16 sq metres. So 1 metre squared contains 1/0.16 = 6.25400 mm x 400 mm = 0.4 m * 0.4 m = 0.16 sq metres. So 1 metre squared contains 1/0.16 = 6.25400 mm x 400 mm = 0.4 m * 0.4 m = 0.16 sq metres. So 1 metre squared contains 1/0.16 = 6.25400 mm x 400 mm = 0.4 m * 0.4 m = 0.16 sq metres. So 1 metre squared contains 1/0.16 = 6.25

How many gallons are in 400 square feet?

None ... gallons is a measurement of volume, square feet is area not volume.

How preparation of 0.02n edta solution?

You mast to first accurate wight 3.7224 ,then transfere to flask mayer add 400 ml water dianoes until dissolve then volume with water to marl 1 liter.

What does alcohol by volume mean?

It is the percentage of alcohol in an alcoholic beverage, expressed volumetrically. If you have a 1-liter bottle of liquor whose ABV is 40 percent, the bottle contains 400 ml of pure ethanol.

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