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Someone doing the Moonwalk

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Q: What walks on fire but can't crawl or run It sizzles it fizzles and smokes til done?
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What walks on fire but it can't run or crawl it sizzles it fizzles like smoken dawn?


What is the opposite of fly?

The antonym for the word fly is walk. The antonym of the word walk is crawl. The unconquered flies, the society walks and the followers crawl.

Why is it important for a baby to crawl before he walks?

Crawling stimulates and promotes right and left brain communication. Statistics show that children who walk and never crawl have some sort of learning difficulities in school.

How long does a baby crawl before they are walking and running around?

Babies crawl before they start to walk and run around. There is no set time for when a baby crawls, walks or runs. The variation in activities can be one month or longer.

What walks on 4 legs than 2 legs than 3 legs?

A Person. First they crawl, then they walk, then they use a cane.

How long before a puppy walks?

It varies a little by breed, but puppies start to walk, rather than crawl, around the same time that they begin to see clearly, which is between two and three weeks after birth.

How many walks did Jackie Robinson get?

Jackie Robinson ended up getting 74 walks in 1947, 57 walks in 1948, 86 walks in 1949, 80 walks in 1950, 79 walks in 1951, 106 walks in 1952, 74 walks in 1953, 63 walks in 1954, 61 walks in 1955 and 60 walks in 1956 however 5 walks in 1955 were intentional walks and 2 walks in 1956 were intentional walks, he had a total of 740 walks in his career.

On baby love when does your baby finish growing up?

i haven't finished yet, but i noticed progress on my baby. 1st he started to crawl & now he walks the food also changes from milk to solid foods so you know your baby is growing. and because you get more advanced games

What walks on 4 legs then 2 legs then 3 legs then 1 leg?

a man. you crawl on 4 legs when you're a baby, walk on 2 legs as an adult, use a walking stick or a '3rd leg' as an elder, and...i guess if you're in a wheelchair or something you have 1 leg?

Are walks at bats?

No, walks do not count as an at-bat.

What is walks in French?

he walks : il marche

What first walks on 4 legs then on 2 then on 3?

A human being. Let me explain: First, when a baby is born, they crawl. Since a human has two legs and two arms, it seems like a baby 'walks' with four legs. Second, during the middle stage of our life, we walk upright, on two legs. Lastly, when we grow old, many people choose to or need to use a cane to walk with, giving the impression of three legs.

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