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What war did US win ground war?


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The US has won every war against every "nation" it ever fought (minus the Vietnam War). It also was a stalemate against North Korea in the Korean War.


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The Japanese defeat put them on the defensive, and they steadily lost ground from them on.

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NO, the US lost the Vietnam war

The odds are that the US would win.

The US prefers to use the term(s), "the US didn't win the war." The actual army on the ground that surrendered to the North was the South Vietnamese Army (South Viet Forces).

It didn't win, it's still part of the US. Refer to the US Civil War.

The US Navy relied heavily on it's air units to win the war.

With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

The US did win the first Gulf war(1991) however the snd gulf war (2003) was a collosal failure in its result.

No, it was the Communists.

The US and China are not at war so this question is unanswerable.

Yes, Despite the United states desire to stay out of both wars. they joined the Allies, who, in both wars were 'loosing ground' by the time the US got involved.

The US used Advertising to win over the public and gain support during World War I

we asked them to supply us and help us win the war.

US won the war.The war began on April 25,1846..

Florida wanted the south to win the US Civil War.

The US joined the war in 1917. But they did not get significant numbers of ground troops to the Western Front until 1918.

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They helped the Allies win the war.

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