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You have no idea how many Poland has probably had the most wars than any other country in the world ever war in Europe Poland was most likely in it one reason is of its geographical placement smack in the middle of Europe

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Q: What wars did Poland have?
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What wars were in Poland?

There were too many wars to count really. As Poland has no natural barrier, it was regularily invaded. The major wars to note are the Teutonic wars (which Poland won), the "Deluge" (the Polish-Swedish war which Poland won, but with heavy losses), the Polish-Soviet War of 1919 (which Poland won), and World War two (which in theory Poland won, but 20% of the population died, all the major cities were flattened, and communists rules for over 40 years).

Was there any wars in Poland?

Yes. A LOT.

Who has lost the most wars?

italy poland spain

Was Poland nutral during the two world wars?


Was Poland in any major wars?

Do WWI and WWII count? :) I won't mention countless wars before that... As there was no war since the end of WWII, it's the longest period of peace in Poland ever. I would say that tells a lot.

When did the first and second world wars in Poland start and end?

In World War 1 Poland didn't exist as as state. World War 2 in Europe began with the German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 and ended for Poland on 8 May 1945.

What do the colors mean on the Poland flag?

red stands for : blood (because of the many wars)white stands for : peace

Did Poland win the war against Germany?

Yes, Germany started a lot of wars but it didn't win any.

Why was Germany able to overtake Poland?

Poland suffered enough being positioned between russia and germany. Right after they got their independence in 1918 after 120 years of Russian-austrian and german division, they were attacked by russia in 1920. Up to 1930 the goverment fought wars againts lithuania and ukraine for borders and 1930 was the world crisis. 9 years later hitler attacked Poland and 2 weeks later Russia did too. Poland just could not resist continuous invasions and wars.

What has ever happened in Poland?

There was once a war.It was the seckend world war and in that war thousands of people died while procecting Poland and the other people.It all happen because Hitler told Germany that they should rule the world and he was wornge.He died in that war. Both World Wars were in Poland

What wars were most important in shaping Russian history?

Their wars against Poland, the Russo-Japanese War, World War I, the two Russian Revolutions, World War II and, if it can be called a war, the Cold War.

What where the names of Poland before its name was Poland?

The European nation Poland is an old nation that has managed to keep the same name since it's founding in the early 900's. It was known as the Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the late Renaissance and through the 16th-18th centuries until it was divided up and conquered by Austria, Russia, and Prussia in the Napoleonic Wars and re-founded later on.

What trigger the World War 2?

Germans invaded Poland resulting in a long series of wars now know as the World War 2.

Who wanted to wipe Poland from the map?

Poland was made a target in BOTH the World wars but more notably World War II whenAdolph Hitler's first victim of world domination was Poland. Actually, Adolph had many victims before Poland, who all signed themselves over, but Poland was the first country who stood up for themselves, and plus, they are right smack dab in the middle of Europe, and their neighbor was Germany, which was Adolph's path to France. Poland was wiped off the map at a point because Russia, Germany, and some others claimed them, but Poland won themselves back.

When in relation to the equator is Poland located?

Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.Poland is north of the equator.

Was World War 2 preventable or was it inevitable?

After the Nazis invaded Poland it was not preventable. You have to honour your alliances as the British honoured their defence treaty with Poland.

What were the names of the 2 wars that were fighting during World War 2?

Germany and England and America and Poland Italy and japan France Russia and properly more

Where was Ireland knocked out of Euro 2012?

In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.In the city of Poznan, in Poland.

Which country did Germany invade to cause the start of the war?

There are 2 wars they started, WWI and WWII if its WWII then they invaded poland if its WWI then its because of a submarine of theirs tresspassing

What are the four country's in Poland?

there are no countries in Poland. Poland is a country.

Why did Poland leave there country?

Poland has never left Poland

What was the significance of the invasion of Poland?

The invasion of Poland is the event that signifies the beginning of World War 2. Prior this there had been maneuvering with treaties and political threats. The miltary combat were classified as regional conflicts or internal civil wars. 1 September 1939 is considered the start date for the WW2.

When did the Kingdom of Poland lose its independence?

In 1772, 1793 and 1795 Poland was divided up ('partitioned') by Russia, Prussia and Austria. (Austria did not take part in the 1793 partition). Poland was therefore completely split up between three countries by 1795. Napoleon created the Grand Duchy of Warsaw in 1807, and at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, a small Kingdom of Poland was created in 1815 with the Russian tsar as king. Technically, it was supposed to be a personal union only, but after the Poles rose in rebellion against the tsar in 1830-31 Poland was quite simply annexed to Russia in 1831. Poland was revived in 1918. Joncey

How many Jews were killed throughout wars and Holocaust forty million or six million?

6 million Jews were killed including almost the entire Jewish population of Poland

How did the soviet union deal with uprisings in Poland Hungary and Czechoslovakia during the 1950s and 1960s?

The Soviet Union dealt with uprisings in Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia during the 1950s and 1960s with wars. Many losses occurred when troops were brought in. Troops were ultimately deployed to deal with any type of uprising.