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What wars did Sweden have?

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Sweden has had 26 wars ranging from 1521 (the Danish liberation war two years before Gustav Vasa climbed the throne) to 1814 (the campaign against Norway when Sweden forced Norway into a union. Before this Sweden was in several wars as well, and in between Sweden have been at war with Poland, Russia, France and several parts of what we now call Germany. See the Related Link for "List of Swedish wars" to the bottom for the answer.

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Is it true that Sweden has not been in any wars?

Sweden, along with most countries, have participated in wars. Although, Sweden has not been in a war for about 197 years. That is an extremely long time. Therefore, the answer is No.

How many wars has Sweden been in?

one and that was with Findland

What role did Sweden play in world war 1 and 2?

Sweden was neutral throughout both wars.

What Are some of the major wars of Sweden?

Thirty years war Great Northern War Napoleonic Wars

What wars has Sweden been involved in?

See link below

How many wars were fought between Denmark and Sweden?


Did any country ever invade Sweden?

Sweden has never been invaded, they have gotten into wars but never invaded.

Does Sweden disagree with armed neutrality?

No because Sweden was involved in many wars and has always disagreed with those who fought Sweden. Basically what i am saying is that Sweden doesn't disagree with armed neutrality.

What are the disadvantages of armed neutrality in Sweden?

They wont have any allies in their wars that they fight.

How many wars have Sweden been in 200 years ago?

No one 2009 it was 200 years ago. 1809 Wars vs Finland.

Who was in the Napoleonic Wars?

britain austria france russia spain belgium bavaria sweden

Has Sweden ever fought in a war?

Yes. Sweden have fought in many wars. The last was in 1814, it was when Sweden wanted Norway as compensation for the recent loss of Finland) and the Norwegians wanted Independence. (..which they only got on 1905)

What wars has Denmark been in?

We fought the Romans and beat them. And we've been in wars with Norway and Sweden. We were sort of neutral in WW1 and WW2. We have soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

But why didn't the Germans invade Sweden?

When the war started, Sweden declared themselves neutral. Since the Napoleonic Wars, Sweden had generally done so, and never really got involved in the wars crisscrossing Europe. Germany did not invade Sweden because they didn't really need to. Sweden, as a neutral country, continued selling stuff to Germany- especially iron ore, which was very important for building weapons like tanks, airplanes, and warships. Without this iron ore, Germany probably could not have continued the war, so it was in Germany's best interest to leave Sweden alone.

Which war did Sweden fight in?

Sweden fought in several wars before becoming a neutral nation, perhaps most successfully in the Thirty Years War, under the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus.

Which country has been improved its standard of living because it has not become involved in the wars of its neighbors?

Sweden, Ireland and Switzerland have improved a lot and they are far head of many countries in medical, economics, and technology in Sweden.

What does Sweden need from other countries?

Sweden can be pretty self sufficient (as prooven during its neutrality and economic isolation during the world wars.) But in an global economy Sweden is pretty dependent on cheap labour and petroleum as there is no oil fields in the baltic sea big enough for cultivation.

What movie and television projects has Peter Hammarstedt been in?

Peter Hammarstedt has: Performed in "Whale Wars" in 2008. Played Himself - Bob Barker 1st Mate in "Whale Wars" in 2008. Played himself in "Whale Wars" in 2008. Played Himself - 2nd Mate, Sweden in "Whale Wars" in 2008. Played 2nd Mate in "Whale Wars" in 2008. Played Himself - 1st Mate in "Whale Wars" in 2008. Played himself in "Whale Wars: Viking Shores" in 2012. Played himself in "Whale Wars: Operation Bluefin" in 2012.

What play starts with the line Sweden Sweden Sweden?

Mr. and Mrs. Sweden

Sweden Sweden Sweden is the first line of which play?

Mr. and Mrs. Sweden

Why didn't half of the countries in Europe join the world wars?

They did join in. In World War 2 only Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Ireland remained neutral.

What country has fought in the most wars?

Denmark and Sweden fought countless wars during the Viking Age (700 - 1050), and the renaissance (1400 - 1700). Mostly over Norway. Their war record even outmatch France and England. In modern times, say 1900 - 2010, The most wars have been fought by USA, England and Germany.

Has Sweden ever been in a war?

Oh yes, many. In the old days it often depended on who was the King. many wanted to make a name for themselves and they would go to war for it. We conquered a big part of Europe actually. What wars Sweden has been in you can see in the link below.

Is it warmer in southern Sweden or northern Sweden?

It is warmer In Southern Sweden than it is in Northern Sweden

What countries borders Sweden?

Sweden is bordered by Finland, which is to the east of Sweden, and Norway, which is to the west of Sweden.

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