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Q: What was Aaron Copland's first song that he composed?
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Who wrote the song appalaichan springs?

Appalachian Spring was composed by Aaron Copland.

When did Claude Debussy compose his first song?

Claude Debussy composed his first song in 1879.

How old was Mozart when he composed his first song?


When did Chopin write his first song?

He started to learn music when he was six and composed first song when he was 7.

What is the first song composed by ar rehman?

Smoke on the Water

What is a composed song?

A composed song is a song that is played by instrumental use.

Who composed every breath you take?

The song was first recorded by the police in 1983.

Was the song Chariots of Fire first composed for the movie of the same name?


Is Carol of the Bells a Ukrainian song?

Yes. "Carol of the Bells" was first composed

What was the first song akon wrote?

Locked Up, his first single in his first album "Trouble". It as composed in 2004.

Was the song tell me that you love me by tori Andre on victorious a real composed song?

No it is not a real composed song

Who composed the Survivor Theme Song?

Russ Landau composed the Survivor theme song.

What is a good sentence that you can put composed into?

I composed a song

When was Aaron Song born?

Aaron Song was born on November 19, 1959, in Torrance, California, USA.

Who originally composed the song caruso?

The song "Caruso" was composed by Lucio Dala, an Italian composer.

Who composed Star Trek theme song?

In TOS, Alexander Courage composed the theme song.

Who sings the saw theme song?

"Hello Zepp" is the name of the Saw theme song. It was composed by Charlie Clouser and was first heard at the end of the first film.

Who composed the song home that Whitney Houston sang in 1983?

That song came from the Broadway musical "The Wiz" and was composed by Stephen Schwartz. She sang it on the Merv Griffin Show, and it was her first TV appearance.

When was Aaron's Party - Come Get It - - song - created?

Aaron's Party - Come Get It - - song - was created on 2000-10-06.

What year was boulevard of broken dreams composed?

This song was first released in 2004 on the 29th November.

Who Composed Tipi Tipi Tin?

This song was composed by María Grever (1894-1951). She was the first Mexican female musician to become a successful composer

Who composed the mission impossible theme song?

Lalo Schifrin composed the Mission Impossible theme song.

Who composed the Miami Vice theme song?

Jan Hammer composed the Miami Vice theme song.

What is the name of the band who performed the first opening song of Fullmetal Alchemist?

The band who performed the first opening song of Fullmetal Alchemist 'Melissa' is Porno Graffiti. The song was originally composed by Seiichi Shindou.

What was Mozart's first song?

his first song that he wrote was called 'An die Freude.' He composed this song at the age of only 4 and started playing music at the age of 3. His first instuments were Harpsicord, violin and organ; his father taught him