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Q: What was Aaron Copland's grade school?
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What did aaron coplands parents do for a living?


What was Aaron coplands hometown?

Aaron Copland's hometown was in Brooklyn, New York.

What was aaron coplands favorite food?

Chocolate chip cookies

Who was aaron coplands favorite composer?

chopin daybuisay, verde,

Why is aaron coplands music considered great?

because it just was

What is aaron coplands middle name?

Aaron Copland didn't have a middle name. Thats cool:) I wish I didn't have a middle name:)

Who is aaron coplands wife?

Copland is documented as a gay man, he never married and thus does not have a wife.

Where did Aaron Craft go to grade school?

Liberty Benton

What was the name of aaron coplands opera?

The Tender Land He also wrote an opera for performance in schools titled "Let's Make an Opera."

When is sage coplands birthday?

october 8

What school did Aaron Lennon go to?

Aaron attended Boston Spa School.

How long did Hank Aaron go to school?

Aaron was a high school graduate.

When was Aaron Copland School of Music created?

Aaron Copland School of Music was created in 1937.

What was Aaron Coplands original name?

He was given the name Aaron Copland at birth, on November 14, 1900. When his father emigrated from Russia to the United States, he changed the spelling of his last name from Kaplan to Copland. He made the name change in Scotland, while waiting for a ship to America.

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