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his wifes name was mary todd. he first proposed to mary owens, but she turned him down.

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Abraham Lincolns wifes name is Mary Todd Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd.

Abraham's doctor's name was the same as his name Abraham

Mary Todd was Abraham Lincolns wife's name

His father's name was Thomas Lincoln.

President Abraham Lincolns nationality is , that he was a U.S citizen.

Abraham Lincolns favorite drink was coffee.

president abraham last name was linocln

Abraham lincolns economic class is middle class

Abraham Lincolns parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln.

his wife's name is Mary Todd Lincoln.

Her name was Sarah Bush Johnston.

His full name is Abraham Lincoln. He did not have a middle name.

No. Thomas Lincoln was Abraham Lincolns father.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, but then moved to Illinois

Abraham Lincoln or Abe Lincoln or Lincoln=) his real name was Abraham Lincoln =) have a nice day! =D

Abraham Lincoln's first speech did not have a name. It was a speech in a square in Decatur, Illinois, in 1830.

He was the first US president with a beard.

Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln.

Are you talking about Abraham Lincoln? If you are then his wifes name was Mary Todd Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln's wifes name was Mary Todd

Abraham Lincoln's paternal grandmother was Bathsheba Herring and his maternal grandmother was Lucy Hanks.

Mary Todd Lincoln was Abraham Lincoln's wife's name.