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What was Abraham lincolns initial war aim to restore the union and what was his plan of attack?

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April 07, 2009 9:13PM

The main goal of Lincoln was to restore the Union.Altough it might sound simple this was the main reason for his actions. His plan of attack was multilatteral.Mainl goal was to bring the South to its knees.One of the parts of the plan is The Scott´s Great Snake - a blockade on the southern coast which will cut all suplies of the south (food, amunition ) and will stop their main financial source - the cotton trade. The other parts of the plan were more "militaristic" .They were based on the region´s geography.Main goals were gaining control of the Mississippi River - this will cut the South´s waterway to resupply its forces and on the other hand it will allow northern soldiers penetrate deep into southern teritory.This was the goal of the so called western theater.On the eastern on the soldiers of the North had to capture the capital of the Confederacy - Richmond.