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What was America's total debt after the revolutionary War?

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36 million

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Americas opponents in the Revolutionary War?


What were some of the economic problems after the Revolutionary War?

The biggest was debt, debt and more debt!

Was the US in debt when washington took office?

Yes, there was a war debt from Revolutionary War expenses.

When did the US begin to be in debt?

Since the revolutionary war.

What are the consequences from Revolutionary War?

we went into great debt.

Was Saint Francis Xavier in the Revolutionary War?

No, Saint Francis Xavier was not in the Revolutionary War and never set foot in the Americas.

What were the battles of the Revolutionary War?

=There were a total of 39 battles in the revolutionary war.=

Britain's revolutionary war debt?

if who ever wrote this meant how did Britain pay there war debt .ANSWER IS : they used taxes to pay for it

How long has the us been in debt?

The United States has been in debt as of the Revolutionary War which was in 1775

What were the economical effects of the revolutionary war?

The war left the nation with a debt of about $27 million.

What problems did the US face after the Revolutionary War?

they faced a lot of debt

What started the US growing a large national debt?

The Revolutionary War.

How was the Revolutionary War debt paid off?

I have no idea whats going on.

What was Hamilton's plan for paying off the revolutionary war debt?

hamilton wanted to pay of the revolutionary war debt by putting a tax on whiskey. which angered many farms causing the whiskey rebbellion in 1794

Were loyalists on Americas side or Britain's side in the revolutionary war?

Britain's side

Who won the Revolutionary War in 1775?

the americas won because thats why we are free

How did the revolutionary war affect Americas economic situation?

it created economic problems.

Would you have supported going to war with great britain?

No, we were already in debt with France from the revolutionary war.

When did the US Government first tax liquors?

Just after the Revolutionary War to pay the War Debt.

Americas senior negotiator at the peace talks ending the revolutionary war was who?

Ben Franklin was America's senior negotiator at the peace talks at the end of the Revolutionary War.

Why was France Americas ally during revolutionary war?

france wanted to weaken britain

How is the french and Indian war related to the Revolutionary War?

Because the british were in debt and they needed to tax the colonists.

What did Hamilton believe in regards to the debt the states accumulated from fighting the Revolutionary War?

The national government had the obligation to pay the debt.

What is America's war for independence known as?

americas war of independence is also known as the revolutionary war, but that is not what is meant to be called, it is actually the war of indepence.

Who wanted to pay the Revolutionary War debt?

Alexander Hamilton wanted to pay the Revolutionary War debt. His idea was to tax whiskey which did not go over well with farmers and citizens which caused a rebellion to break out to prevent taxation on whiskey.