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Arthur Miller's reason for writing "Death of a Salesman" is not known.

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What is the function of rebecca nurse in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Rebecca Nurse, like John Proctor, is there to stand for the voice of reason.

What was Arthur Miller's reason for writing The Crucible?

His jail time for being accused for communism His jail time for being accused of practicing communism

What reason does ann putnam have to be resentful?

Ann Putnam was resentful because she had lost several children shortly after childbirth, and her child that did live, was stricken with illness. The Crucible was written by Arthur Miller.

This is an author's intention reason or drive for writing the piece?

This is an author's intention, reason, or drive for writing the piece.

What has the author Arthur Edward Murphy written?

Arthur Edward Murphy has written: 'The theory of practical reason' -- subject(s): Reason, Theorie, Praktische Vernunft 'Reason and the common good' -- subject(s): Philosophy 'The uses of reason'

What has the author Judy L Miller written?

Judy L. Miller has written: 'Reason to Write, High Beginning'

What is the reason for writing the book twilight?

im going to answer your question with another question....what is the reason for writing any book? think about it.

Whats John Steinbeck's reason for writing Mice and Men?

whats john steinbeck's reason for writing Of Mice and Men?

How do you start a All about you letter?

The way you start a letter depends upon the reason you are writing it. If you are writing an all about you letter for a job or class, then you would want to start it with a very formal introduction including your name and the reason you are writing the letter. If you are writing the letter for a more casual reason relax your voice and have fun with it.

What is the objective of research paper?

It is the reason why you are writing.

What are the release dates for Dennis Miller Live - 1994 The Lack of Reason 6-8?

Dennis Miller Live - 1994 The Lack of Reason 6-8 was released on: USA: 5 March 1999

How many years has Miller Homes been building homes in the UK?

MIller Homes has been building homes in United Kindom since 1934 that is the reason why Miller Homes has strong experience in three different generations.

Did hal Holbrook ever act in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman?

Yes. In 1996 he did a multi-city tour of the play. The only reason I know is that my dad was supposed to be in the production but had a stroke 6 weeks before rehearsals. Seems to be some info at this website: http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-67764402.html

What is an authors intent?

His reason for writing; the message he hopes to get across.

What was Clive Staples Lewis' reason for writing?

He started writing as a child because he fell in love with the stories of Beatrix Potter and he never quit writing.

Why was the preamble of the constitution written?

it was written to tell the reason for writing the constitution

When writing do you underline the name of a ship?

Yes but i dont know the reason why.

Why does the narrator of Ambush keep writing war stories?

The reason he keeps writing war stories is because he killed an enemy soldier.

What are the three most common purposes for writing?

there is one main reason for writing, that is to communicate, a situation from which all other reasons spring

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