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Australia, having been part of the British Empire had soldiers, if only a small amount, garrisoned in Singapore. When Singapore fell 85000 prisoners were taken, British and Australian.

Australia were now underthreat as one of the reasons for Singapore to be taken was to get an advantage over Australia. Australia's main force was in Europe and Australia's main line of defense was destroyed. This lead to Australia looking to America as its "chief defender" of sorts, instead of its traditional defender, Great Britain.

The loss of "The Gem of the British Navy" played a major part for the change in heart of Australia, the 'failure' of Britain. Where as America appeared to be regathering itself and had not lost the more important features of its Navy, unlike Britain.

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Australias involvement in World War 1?

australians involvment in ww1

When did Singapore fall into the of the Japanese?

Singapore fall into the Japanese on 15 February 1942

How many casualities died in the fall of Singapore?

There were approximately 6,713 deaths in the Fall of Singapore. The Battle of Singapore lasted from February 8 until February 15 in 1942.

When did Singapore fall to the Japanese?

Singapore fell to the Japanese on the 25 of February 1942.

How did Singapore fall in Japanese?

The British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese in 15 February 1942.

When Did Singapore fall in World War 2?

Singapore fell to Japan in 15 Feb, 1942

What impact did the fall of Singapore have on Australia during World War 2?

Singapore was an impregnable fortress for Australia.

What countries were involved in the fall of Singapore?

Great Britain and Japan (Singapore beleonged to the British Empire at this time)

When was Australia's most Successful Olympics?

What was australias most famous Olympics What was australias most famous Olympics

When did the fall of Singapore happen?

The fall of Singapore happened on February 15th 1942 - and is considered one of the greatest defeats in the history of the British Army and probably Britain's worst defeat in WWII.

What are the release dates for Battlefront - 2001 Fall of Singapore 1-9?

Battlefront - 2001 Fall of Singapore 1-9 was released on: UK: 2001 USA: 2001

What happened during the fall of Singapore?

Japan captured Singapore from England; Britain surrendered her military unconditionally. Many of the soldiers in Singapore, regardless of their race, were held as POWS (prisoners of war).

What high institution is in Singapore?

National University of Singapore[1], Nanyang University, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, SIM University, Singapore Institute of Technology, and Singapore University of Technology and Design. Yale-NUS College is expected to open in the fall of 2013.

How did the fall of Singapore in World War 2 affect Australians?

Singapore was considered a major stronghold there to defend Australia in case of Japanese attack.

Who are australias allies?

New Zealand and Britain

What actors and actresses appeared in Australias Most Wanted - 1999?

The cast of Australias Most Wanted - 1999 includes: Robert Rabiah as Suspect

How did various groups respond to Australias involvement in the Vietnam War?

Conscientious objectors were at the center of several highly publicised arrests that when combined with those who opposed the draft and a vocal Australian Labor Party began demonstrations against invilvement in Vietnam.

What was the significanance of the fall of Singapore to Australia?

Singapore never fell to australia. In fact they fell to japan on 15th Feb 1942, before the British colonial powers took back Singapore after WWII ended in 1945

What was the Australian strategy in 1930 Singapore?

The Singapore Strategy involved the defence of Australia prior to and during World War II by fortifying Singapore. However, ultimately there was insufficient defensive power to prevent the fall of Singapore. Australia lacked suitable strategy despite warnings that, should Singapore fall to the Japanese (which it did), there would be no guarantee of sufficient naval power from Britain to defend Australia. Australia's strategy was supposed to be gradually building its naval defence.

What was the outcome of conflict in the fall of Singapore?

it left a devasting effect on it it left a devasting effect on it

Which groups opposed Australians' involvement in ww1?

Germany was oppsosed but some austrlian born germans were supporting our alliances and troops the french also oppsosed on our troops and country but we had trades Britain and they where Australias biggest trading partner when the war was on in 1913.

What is australias land mass?

Approximatly 7,617,930km squared

When and how did British Singapore fall to the Japanese?

Singapore fell to the Japanese in 1942.The Battle of Singapore was fought in the South-East Asian theatre of World War II when the Empire of Japan invaded the Allied stronghold of Singapore. Singapore was the major British military base in South East Asia and nicknamed the "Gibraltar of the East". The fighting in Singapore lasted from 8 December 1941 to 15 February 1942.It resulted in the fall of Singapore to the Japanese, and the largest surrender of British-led military personnel in history.[2] About 80,000 British, Australian and Indian troops became prisoners of war, joining 50,000 taken by the Japanese in the Malayan campaign. Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the ignominious fall of Singapore to the Japanese the "worst disaster" and "largest capitulation" in British history. (source Wikipedia)

What were the 4 major Asian battles of world war 2?

Fall of Singapore and Kokoda Campaign

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