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Australians believed that Australia was not being threatened by communism, and that the right of free speech and free association should not be restricted in a democratic country. Also, many workers saw Menzies as a greater threat and did not want him to take power away from the union- even if they had communists within them.

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Q: What was Australia's reaction to the threat of communism after World War 2?
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Was communism a legitimate threat to world stability?

Communism is not and was not a threat to world stability in the sense that Communism did not actually make nations unstable. What Communism threatened was democracy and democratic norms as well as historic Euro-American Imperialism. That was the major threat that the US and the Western European countries strove to countenance.

What is an interesting topic from 1945-1955?

The Red scare and how communism was a threat to the free world (U.S.)

How were the 1950s dangerous years for Americans and the world?

The threat of communism was spreading through the United States in former countries

Does Communism still pose a threat today to the free world?

all i can say is....bananas are yellow (>o_o)> *pokes banana*

Which cause of anxiety in the US after World War 2 prompted much of the invasion literature produced then?

The threat of communism - APEX

The Australian government respond to the threat of communism after world war 2?

Australian government responded to communism in many different ways . after the start of communism , Australia started to suffer from paranioa due to the apparent " domino threoy' that was just one of the many events that are linked to communism.

How did the cold war relate to the vietnom war?

Communism was seen as the greatest threat to the free world. The Vietnam war was "theoretically" an act of military might to discontinue the "domino theory" (spread of communism).

Why do you think communism presented a threat to the American way of life?

If communism became too large in the world it could eventually take over America and turn America into a communist country also.

What were the key events in Australia's response to the threat of communism in Asia after World War 2?

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Australias involvement in World War 1?

australians involvment in ww1

Who believed the rise of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe was a far greater threat to the world than the defeat of Germany?

No one believed the rise of communism was a greater threat than Germany during WWII. Western Europe was allied with communist Russia during WWII, so they did not wish to destroy their ally. It wasn't until after WWII that fear shifted to the rise of communism, as communism spread all over Eastern Europe and even divided Germany.

What was Australias contribution to world war 2?

39,366 deaths 575,799 served

What was Australia's response to the threat of communism after World War 2?

We went to war in Vietnam bringing in 60,000 diggers and over 3,500 being casualties.

How did the Australian government respond to the threat of communism after World War 2?

Aus. Govt.'s response to communismThe Australian Government responded to the threat of communism after World War 2 in a number of different ways, using a variety of methods including signing treaties such as ANZUS and SEATO, changing the constitution and committing troops to over seas battles. By helping the USA protect dictatorships that kept the world political scene unbalanced, Both in the UN and by sacrificing Australian troops to to fight in the resulting wars.

Explain how Australia responded to the threat of communism in Asia after world war 2 refer to the Korean war the Anzus treaty and the SEATO alliance?

Australia saw commmunism coming be countries surrounding them were suffering from communism eg: Korea.

What were the Cold War fears of the American people in the aftermath of World War 2?

Mainly the spread of communism. Americans also viewed the USSR as a nuclear threat.

Why is communism important to the world?

communism is a great thing to be in

How successful had the Soviet Union been by 1985 and why?

the soviet union had a large portion of the earth in communism and formed a strong and weak alliance with china, and seized communism in Cuba near the U.S. and had a strong military and had many nukes as a threat to the world and was feared.

What is the duration of The Lost World of Communism?

The duration of The Lost World of Communism is 3600.0 seconds.

Why is the US so threatened by communism?

The United States and the NATO alliance no longer sees communism as any sort of threat. The military power of the USSR, which truely was not a communist State, was deemed as a threat. This theat ended with the collapse of the USSR and of "communism" in its former empire. The only major power that calls itself "communist" is China. China has made policies that has leaned more towards a free market society. This has happened over the last decade or so. China remains a dictatorship of the Communist Poliburo, however it is not a threat to the world at all.

When was The Lost World of Communism created?

The Lost World of Communism was created on 2009-03-14.

Who were the allies and enemies of Australia in World War 1?

Australias allies in World War1 were Great Britain, France, Russia and the usa.

How did the Truman Doctrine affect Americans?

President Harry Truman announced what became known as the Truman Doctrine in 1947. Truman planned his foreign policy against the spread of communism after WW 2. His plan was to contain communism and his policy made most Americans aware of the threat that the USSR and communism made to world peace and democracy.

Did communism in Soviet Union lead to World War 2?

No it was Hitler but communism was partially to do with it as Hitler wanted to get of Communism

Communism was of the leading cause of world war 1?

no, communism was not an issue during any world war