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What was Beyonce's first song ever?

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Beyonce's very first recorded song was a song she recorded at age 10 entitled"632-5792"

Her first solo release was "Crazy in Love"

2014-07-29 20:06:05
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Q: What was Beyonce's first song ever?
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What is Beyonces first song?

I think beyonces first song was crazy in love!

What was beyonces first song ever?

With Destiny's Child it was No No No, as a solo artist it was Crazy in Love

What was Beyonces first song?

no, no, no

When was beyonces first song released?


What was beyonces fist album?

'Dangerously In Love'.Her first song would be 'Crazy In love'.

What was beyonces 1st song?

Crazy in Love

What is Beyonces most famous song?

Probably Single Ladies.

What is beyonces number 1 song?

House of cards by Radiohead

What is beyonces favrouit song out of her songs?

Ave Maria, she walked down the aisle at her wedding to that song.

What is the meaning of beyonces halo song?

it only means that the person the song is directed to is good, as in she can see the good in him

What was the Jonas Brothers first ever song?

The Jonas Brothers first ever song was SOS

What was eminems first song ever made?

His First song ever made was Infinite. In 1995.

What is beyonces first album?

She wrotte her album in 2010

What is Chris Brown first song ever?

Run it was his first song

What was biebers first ever song?

His first song was 'One Time'.

What was taio cruzs first ever song?

Taio Cruz's first ever song was "I Just Wanna Know"

What is Taylor Swifts first song she ever wrote then released?

I believe her first song is "Our Song".

Who produced Beyonce's first album?

Beyonces father produced her first album

What was cascadas first song?

Cascadas first song ever made was Miracle.

What was the first song bill kaulitz ever wrote?

His first song was Traurig

What is slipknot's first song?

Slipknot's first song ever released was 742617000027

What was the first song the Jonas Brothers ever sang?

No they're first song they ever sang was "Poor Infortunate Souls"

What is the First Song Lil Wayne Ever Did?

The first song Lil Wayne ever did was "I need a Soilder" by Destiny's child.

What was Beyonces First single?

Crazy in Love and Indepentdant women

What was the first song the jobros ever sang together?

Mandy was there first song they ever say u can find it on their first album "It's About Time"