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What was Brett Favre's nickname with the Atlanta Falcons?

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The Nickname of Brett Favre with the Atlanta Falcons was either "Country" or 'Mississippi."

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What was Brett Favres number when he played for the falcons?


Who did Brett Favre play in his first NFL game?

In his rookie year with the Atlanta Falcons, Brett Favres' 1st NFL game was October 27, 1991 vs. Los Angeles Rams

What team did the Packers acquire Brett Favre from in a trade?

The Atlanta FalconsThe Atlanta Falcons

What position did Brett Favre play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Brett Favre played quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. His very first pass for the Falcons was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

Who did Brett Favre start with?

Atlanta Falcons

What was Brett Favre's first team?

The Atlanta Falcons

What number was Brett Favre at the Atlanta Falcons?


Where was Brett favre drafted?

Brett Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, In the 1991 Draft.

What team did Brett favre debut for?

Brett Favre was drafted by and debuted with the Atlanta Falcons.

When did Brett Favre get his first start?

with the atlanta falcons in 1991.

What nfl team drafted Brett Favre?

Atlanta falcons

What was Bret favre's jersey number when he was with the falcons?

Brett Favre wore #4 for the Atlanta Falcons.

How long did Brett Favre play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Favre was on the Falcons roster for one season, 1991.

What color jersey did Brett Favre wear with Atlanta Falcons?


How many games did Brett Favre play for the Atlanta Falcons?


Who was the first team Brett Favre played for in the NFL?

the Atlanta Falcons

What NFL team did Brett Favre debut for?

Atlanta Falcons in 1991.

When did Brett Favre go pro?

Brett Favre went pro in 1991 when he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.

What is Brett Favres number?


Did Brett Favre ever start a game for the Atlanta Falcons?

No. Brett played in relief in two games for the Falcons in 1991 (his only season with the Falcons) against the Los Angeles Rams and Washington Redskins.

Who took Brett favres place when he left the falcons?

Wade Wilson. Favre was the 3rd QB on the 1991 Falcons, playing behind Chris Miller and Billy Joe Tolliver. Miller and Tolliver were on the 1992 Falcons and the 3rd QB was Wilson.

What was Brett Favre QB coach when he played for the Atlanta Falcons?

Jerry Glanville

What team did Brett favre play for after the Atlanta Falcons?

The Green Bay Packers

What Team did Packers QB Brett Favre first play for?

The Atlanta Falcons

Who drafted Brett Favre?

The Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the 1991 draft.