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Bugs BunnyThe original prototype of Bugs Bunny was nameless. Bugs Bunny was originally called Bugs Bunny.
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Q: What was Bugs Bunny's original name?
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Who is Bugs Bunnys arch enemy?

bugs bunny

Bugs Bunnys girlfriend?

Lola Bunny .

Who is Bugs Bunnys girlfriend?

Lola Bunny .

When is Bugs Bunny's birthday?

Bugs Bunnys Birthday is on th 27th July

Who is Bugs Bunnys best friend?

Daffy Duck .

What is Bugs Bunnys catch phrase?

You must have a lot of Updoc to ask that question!

Who was Bugs Bunnys girl friend?

Lola bunny is the other bunny ,so I guess its her.

What was Bugs Bunny's original rude name?

Tex Avery wanted "Jack E. Rabbit". Mel Blanc suggested "Happy Rabbit". There is no "rude" original name for Bugs.

When Bugs Bunny first appeared what was his original name?

it was hoppy bunny

What cartoon characters original name was Happy Rabbit?

Bugs Bunny

Who is Bugs Bunnys real girlfriend?

that would be lola bunny first introduced in space jam made in 1996

What is the name of the baby of a rabbit?

Bunnys <3<3

Will lola bunny be Bugs Bunnys girlfriend forever?

While there have been many female counterparts for Bugs in the past, it seems that Lola has become marketably popular, and so it's a fair possibility.

What is the Easter bunnys real name?

Robby Darkmond(at a guess)

What noise do bunnys make?

Sometimes bunnys make a grunt noise when there mad. Also they can make a squeak noise. Sometimes when the bunnys are mad they thump their back feet but mostly only boy bunnys do that.

What is Bugs Bunny's real name?

Bugs Bunny's name is Bugs Bunny , but not to be confused with Bugs' prototype's name Happy Rabbit .

What is the Easter bunnys address?

-hoppy lane(white Easter bunnys address) -fluffy groove (pink Easter bunnys address) -chocolate road (brown Easter bunnys address) -Easter edge (blue Easter bunnys address)- -bunny valley (purple Easter bunnys address) -whiskers street (gray Easter bunny address) -jingled bilavard (yellow Easter bunnys address) all the diffrent eastre bunnys colors are : blue,pink,white,brown,gray,purple

Who did bugs bunnies' voice?

Mel Blanc was the original voice for Bugs Bunny .

Can a bunny be mean?

No!bunnys can not be mean,the only reason bunnys can hurt you is that they can get scared or ticklish

What actor played Bugs Bunny in the original cartoon?

The man who played the original voice of Bugs Bunny was Mel Blanc. He stared playing the role of Bugs Bunny at Warner Brother's Studio in March of 1937.

What is Bugs Bunny middle name?

Bugs Bunny does not have a middle name .

Bug's Bunny's original name?

In 1938 he was unofficially known as "The Happy Rabbit" but in 1939 he was named as we know him today as Bugs Bunny .

What is a June bugs order name?

The order of a June bugs name is Coleoptera

Who was bugs and how did he get that name?

Bugs Bunny is named after director Ben "Bugs" Hardaway .

Do bunnys eat people?