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== Cesar Chavez was able to accomplish his goals on helping his people and in every way to help the ranch that he had lost when he was very young and was with his family.He had wished that everything would become better and work out for his family and his farm workers.==
His boycott

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How do you celebrate Cesar Chavez day?

How do we celebrate Cesar Chavez Day?How do we celebrate Cesar Chavez Day?

When was Cesar Chavez funeral?

when was cesar chavez funral

Why is Cesar Chavez better than Hugo Chavez?

why is Cesar chavez better than Hugo chavez

Why was Cesar e Chavez arrested?

does Cesar chavez have chilldren

What is Cesar chavez full name?

Cesar Estrada Chavez

When did Cesar Chavez born?

Cesar Chavez was born in 1927.

Was Cesar chavez a real man?

yes cesar chavez was

Why was Cesar chavez important?

Why was Cesar chavez important? for striking

What achievements did Cesar Chavez have?

Cesar Chavez greatest achievement

What did Cesar Chavez Dolores Huerta and Gilbert Padilla accomplish?

They organized Mexican farm workers. :) Apex!

How many sisters did Cesar Chavez have?

Cesar Chavez had 2 sisters.

How many brothers did Cesar chavez have?

Cesar Chavez has 2 brothers.

What is Cesar chavez hobby?

cesar chavez hobby is to be a farm leader

What race is Cesar chavez?

Cesar Chavez would be considered Hispanic.

What was Cesar Chavez achievements?

Cesar chavez achevment is not using vilince

What were Cesar Chavez goals?

Cesar Chavez goals were to help his people in the ranch

What year did Cesar chavez die in?

Cesar Chavez died in the year 1993

How much children did Cesar Chavez have?

Cesar chavez had exacly 12 children

When was Cesar Chavez Avenue created?

Cesar Chavez Avenue was created in 1994.

When was Colegio Cesar Chavez created?

Colegio Cesar Chavez was created in 1973.

When did Colegio Cesar Chavez end?

Colegio Cesar Chavez ended in 1983.

What was Cesar Chavez early life?

cesar chavez wa named after his grandfather

When was Cesar Chavez Jacobo born?

Cesar Chavez Jacobo was born in 1985.

What did Cesar Chavez do to make the world change?

what did cesar chavez do to change the world

Was Cesar chavez a slave?

Cesar Chavez was not a slave, but a migrant farm worker.

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