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Chamberlain thought that by appeasing Germany and Hitler, he could prevent war. Chamberlain, and many in Britan, thought that the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh and by giving back the land taken from Germany (and more) they would make Germany/Hitler happy and war would never come.

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Q: What was Chamberlain's policy of appeasement?
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How did Winston churchill characterize chamberlains policy of appeasement?

Winston Churchill opposed Neville Chamberlains policy of appeasement because he saw and knew what Hitler was doing and new that he was getting stronger, he stood up and said this but was the only one who did so.

Why was the sudetenland given to Hitler?

Neville Chamberlains policy of Appeasement, as he did not wish for there to be another world war so he believed that if Hitler had any true grievances with the Treaty of Versailles that would "discuss" them. Though after Hitler had actually taken the whole of Czechoslovakia the British stopped the policy of appeasement and started conscription.

What is a policy of appeasement-?

A policy of appeasement is a diplomatic policy of making political or material concessions to an enemy power in order to avoid conflict.

What was the policy of appeasement in the 1930s between France and Britain called?

why did France and britiain choose the policy of appeasement

Was the appeasement policy effective in preventing war in Europe?

Not really. The Appeasement policy only prolonged the inevitable.

What was Hitler's policy of appeasement?

Hitler did not have a policy of appeasement. Great Brittain appeased hitler when he took land.

What did appeasement do?

Appeasement is the policy of giving in to the demands of an aggressor to keep the peace.

What policy was created at the Munich Conference?

The Munich Agreement is generally seen as the height of appeasement, but the policy of appeasement was older.

What policy did Britain and France adopt toward Hitler before World War 2?

AppeasementThe policy of appeasement.

What is the policy of giving into Hitler's demansds?

The policy of appeasement.

How successful was the policy of appeasement?

The policy of appeasement was not successful at all. The Axis powers had no interest in brokering peace but wanted war.

What british policy failed to stop hitler?

The policy of Appeasement .

Policy adopted by Britain towards Hitler?

Policy of appeasement.

When was the policy of appeasement?

at the begining of WWII

Is appeasement a good policy?


Who agreed to policy of appeasement?


What policy was to maintain peace?


did the goal of the policy of the appeasement work?


What was the appeasement policy?

the poliy of appeasement was a policy that Hitler and Mussolini came over that said that they would not take over the sudetenland but they did anyways

How did the policy of appeasement resulted in the collapse of international peace in 1939?

appeasement encouraged aggression

How did appeasement contribute to the march of aggression of WW2?

You never appease a bully. -Any politician should know that. Chamberlains conduct was disgraceful.

Who should be held responsible for the failure of the appeasement policy?

Great Britain and France are solely responsible for the appeasement policy and its failure to prevent WWII.

Why did the US initially follow a policy of appeasement toward Germany?

The United States initially had to follow a policy of appeasement towards Germany. This policy was directly related to the treaty of Versailles.

Why did the us initially follow policy of appeasement toward Germany?

The United States initially had to follow a policy of appeasement towards Germany. This policy was directly related to the treaty of Versailles.

Was appeasement the right policy in England in 1938?

No, it was a terrible and cowardly policy.