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Dickens had several siblings: Alfred Allen Dickens(1813-1814) Dickens' younger brother who died in infancy.

Letitia Mary Dickens (1816-1893) Dickens' younger sister, Letitia married architect and artist Henry Austin in 1837. When Henry died in 1862 Charles secured a government pension for Letitia.

Harriet Dickens (1819-?) Dickens' sister who died in childhood.

Frederick Dickens (1820-1868) Dickens' younger brother who lived with Charles when he moved to Furnival's Inn in 1834 and during the early years of Dickens' marriage to Catherine. Frederick married and fell into debt, using his famous brother's name to obtain credit. Fred was later imprisoned for debt and spent the last years of his life an alcoholic. When he died at age 48 Charles lamented Fred's "wasted life".

Alfred Lamert Dickens (1822-1860) Dickens' younger brother, a civil engineer and sanitary inspector. When Alfred died in 1860 Charles helped support his family.

Augustus Dickens (1827-1866) Dickens' youngest brother. Dickens helped Augustus get a job with a shipping merchant in London. Augustus' wife became blind and he left her and went to America with another woman with whom he lived as man and wife. He died at age 39 in Chicago and Charles gave support to both wives.

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Who was Charles Dickens older sister?

charles dickens sister was funy

How many brothers did Charles Dickens have?

Charles dickens had 1 brother and 1 sister.

What are Charles Dickens' brothers and sisters names?

Frances Elizabeth Dickens, Alfred Allen Dickens, Letitia Mary Dickens, Harriet Dickens, Frederick Dickens, Alfred Lamert Dickens & Augustus Dickens & a sister called Fanny Dickens.

What was Charles Dickens mother called?

The name of Charles Dickens mother was Elizabeth Dickens.

Charles Dickens' method of publishing his novels was called?

Charles Dickens' method of publishing his novels was called?

Who did Charles Dickens idolized?

His wife, Catharine's sister, Mary.

What was Charles Dickens school called?

charles dickens school was called rosemary primary school he wanted to become a teacher

Charles Dickens what were his parents called?

father :john dickens mother: elizerberth dickens

How many older siblings did Charles Dickens have?

Charles Dickens had seven older siblings, six brothers and one sister to be exact. Although, he did have one younger sibling, a sister.WHAT?? HE WAS THE SECOND BORN OF EIGHT CHILDREN OF ELIZABETH AND JOHN DICKENS YOU DONUT!

What was Charles Dickens' mother called?


How many sisters did Charles Dickens have?

he had 1 brother and 1 sister

Did Charles dickens have a sister and brother?

Yes he had 7 siblingsSister: Frances Dickens (1810-1848)Brother: Alfred Dickens (1814)Sister: Laetitia Mary Dickens (1816-1874)Sister: Harriet Dickens (1819)Brother: Frederick William Dickens (1820-1868)Brother: Alfred Lamert Dickens (1822-1860)Brother: Augustus Newnham "Moses" Dickens (1827-1868)

Charles Dickens parents?

His parents were called John Dickens and Elizabeth Dickens :) hope i helped.

What was Charles Dickens 1st story Charles Dickens 1st story?

his first story was called The Pickwick Paper.

Did Charles Dickens have a sister?

Dickens had three sisters: Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) Dickens (1810-1848) Letitia Mary Dickens (1816-1893) Harriet Dickens (1819-?) died in childhood

When did Charles Dickens get married to Mary hogarth?

Dickens did not marry Mary Hogarth. He married her older sister, Catherine in 1836.

What was Scrooge's sister named in the book by Charles Dickens?

The name in the book is Fan.

What happened to Charles Dickens father family during his fathers prison sentence?

all the family except Charles and his sister Fanny were housed with John Dickens at the prison

How did Charles dickens begin his writing career?

Charles Dickens started by writing for a local newspaper called the Pickwick Papers.

What website can you go to to find the SHORT version of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens by Charles dickens?

it is called shockwave .com

What is Charles Dickens full name?

Charles John Huffam Dickens.

What is Charles Dickens' first name?

Answer = Charles Charles Dickens

When was Charles Dickens last book published?

Charles Dickens' last book was called our mutual friend and it was published the year he died.

Did Charles dickens have any brother's and sister's?

yes,he had one sister and 2 brothers

What was Charles Dickens pet raven called?