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What was Charles Dickens family like?


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September 15, 2012 10:55PM

Charles Dickens was a contradiction when it came down to his own family life. He originally wanted only three children but blamed his wife for the fact that they had ten. One wonders why he did not consider himself at least a little bit responsible for his large family. He was particularly hard on his sons with the exception of the first born Charley whom he loved. Much of the joviality of family life that you can read in his books was evident at least to some extent in his early domestic life, but he had sexual weaknesses amongst which a weakness for young girls was the most destructive and this eventually broke up his family unit and caused a separation from his wife. The more you understand about Dickens the more you come to realise that he was a very human man and his sexuality to some extent destroyed his family ideal. I think he knew this. I think he was sorry for it as indeed are many men so afflicted.