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his mom heard him singing in the shower

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What is the video called that got Justin bieber discovered?

There is a video of Justin Bieber doing a cover of Chris Brown's "With You" that got him discovered.

Why did Chris Brown choose singing as a career?

chris brown didnt choose singing he wanted to become a rapper first but then he got discovered at his dad gas station

Has Chris Brown got cancer?

NO chris Brown has not got cancer Rihanna was widing him up

Has Chris Brown got a girl pregnant?

No Chris Brown has not got any girls pregnant.

What gave Chris Brown the inspiration to sing?

Not sure. He just had a great voice and got discovered at a gas station.

Who's the girl Chris Brown got pregnant?

yes chris brown got a girl pregnant her name is desiere

Do Chris Brown got brothers and sister?

Chris Brown has one older sister.

Did Chris Brown get into any fights when he was younger?

yeah chris brown got into and he lost all of them he a pussy yeah chris brown got into fights and he lost all of them he a pussy yeah he did

What phone does Chris Brown have?

Chris brown used to have a sidekick lx, But now he has an iTouch.Chris brown got the backflip the new phone

Do Chris Brown got the adz?


Does Chris Brown ever get in trouble?

Chris Brown got in trouble when he beat up Rihanna.

Did Chris Brown get shot from the back or front in takers?

chris brown got shot from the front in takers

Is The Rumor That Chris Brown is dead true?

no chris brown is not dead i dont know where you got that from becuase he is NOT...!

Do Chris Brown goes out with you?

no rihanna got him

Has chris brown got something wrong with him?

No he does not.

Where has Chris Brown got cancer?


Why did Chris Brown get angry at her?

It started when Chris Brown got a txt message from one of his ex grl friends. She got mad so they started yellin and cussin back and forth at each other.And that's when CHRIS BROWN got CRAZY on her azz!!!!!

How old was Chris Brown when his parents divorced?

Chris Brown was 6 years old when is parents got a divorce.

When Chris Brown got in trouble what did his mother do?

he got hit with a rule

When did Chris Brown and Rihanna get married?

Chris and Rihanna never got married.

What did Chris Brown get for his 18th birthday?

He got a car

Do chris brown got child's in real life?


Do Chris Brown got a baby on the way?


Love this love got to hold on me?

Chris Brown.

When will Chris Brown get out of jail?

Chris Brown went to jail for physical abuse to his girlfriend, Rihanna. He got out about a year ago.