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Q: What was Darwin's theory of the struggle of existence?
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In Darwins view what conditions lead to a struggle for existence among individuals in a population?

Overpopulation leads to the struggle for existence because the species are unable to be supported by the insufficient resources that are available to them.

What theory claims that a struggle for power is a basic feature of human existence?

conflict theory

What was Darwins theory translated into a theory about economic success?

" Translated " is not the correct word. The concept is called social Darwinism and has little to do with the theory of evolution by natural selection because it is not about the natural struggle for existence of individual organisms, but about how societies compete. This is not an evolutionary concept. Herbert Spenser devised this concept and Darwin did not have anything to do with it and really did not approve of the concept's tenets.

What best describes the process of plants and animals producing more offspring than are able to survive?

Charls Darwins' theory of "struggle for existance and survival of the fittest"

Which is not of Darwin's theory of natural selection?

which is not part of darwins theory of natural selction

Who was Thomas Huxley?

A guy who had a debate about Darwins theory

Why are Darwin's ideas classified as a scientific theory?

Because he studied organisms very closely and propounded the theory of evolution with the phrase 'Struggle for existence and survival of the fittest organisms'.

Is Charles Darwin's theory is complementary to religious concept?

Charles Darwins theory is wrong to religon as it is very clear god created the world. and theories like Darwins are wrong.

What book did he write about natural selection?

Darwins theory of evolution :)

How does one cope with blindness of a sibling?

Darwins theory of evolution

Why some people did not believe Darwins theory?

because of religion

What are the release dates for Struggle for Existence - 2010?

Struggle for Existence - 2010 was released on: USA: May 2010