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What was David O Dodd famous for?

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He was executed in Little Rock, Arkansas during the Civil War as a seventeen year old Confederate Spy.

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When was David Dodd Lee born?

David Dodd Lee was born in 1959.

When did David Dodd die?

David Dodd died on 1988-09-18.

When was David Dodd born?

David Dodd was born on 1895-08-23.

When did David Owen Dodd die?

David Owen Dodd died on 1864-01-08.

When was David Owen Dodd born?

David Owen Dodd was born on 1846-11-10.

When was David Dodd - footballer - born?

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What Confederate Spy was hanged in Little Rock in 1864?

Seventeen year old David O. Dodd, called the Boy Martyr of the Confederacy.

Is Senator Chris Dodd related to David Dodd author of book Security Analysis?

Yes there brother

How was David O Dodd innocent?

David Owen Dodd was probably guilty as charged in his Court Martial in Little Rock. His botched hanging as a spy did not endear the Union to the locals and while there are wildly varied accounts of the incident, he probably deserves to be called "The Boy Hero of Little Rock".

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Who was called the Boy Martyr of the Confederacy?

David O. Dodd who was hanged as a Confederate spy in Little Rock, Arkansas on 8 January 1864. He was 17 years of age.

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