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Deion Sanders played with the Braves between 1991-1994 and wore #24.

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What jersey will deion sanders wear in the hall of fame?

deion sanders will be number 21 in the hall of fame

Who was the Atlanta brave who played for the braves and falcons?

Deion Sanders

What number did Deion Sanders wear for the Dallas Cowboys?

Deion Sanders wore the number 21 for the Dallas Cowboys.

What number did deion sanders wear for the cowboys?

Deion Sanders wore No. 21 for the Dallas Cowboys from 1995 to 1999.

Is Emmanuel Sanders related to Deion Sanders?

No. Emmanuel Sanders and Deion Sanders are not related by blood.

What is the birth name of Deion Sanders?

Deion Sanders's birth name is Sanders, Deion Luwynn.

What nicknames does Deion Sanders go by?

Deion Sanders goes by Neon Deion, and Prime Time.

What number did Deion Sanders wear for the ravens?


What number did Deion Sanders wear in baseball?


Is Deion Sanders still alive?

Deion Sanders is still alive.

When was Deion Sanders born?

Deion Sanders was born on August 9, 1967.

Is Deion Sanders still living?

yes he is Deion Sanders is still alive

Famous athletes that wore number 21?

Deion Sanders

What number did Deion Sanders wear for the Washington Redskins?


Was deion Sanders ever number 21 in baseball?


What team did World Series Baseball starring Deion Sanders play on?

Sanders played for the Atlanta Braves in the 1992 World Series. The Braves lost the Series 4-2 to the Toronto Blue Jays.

When did Dion Sanders play for the Atlanta Braves?

Deion signed with the Braves prior to spring training of the 1991 season and was with the Braves through May 29, 1994 when he was traded to the Reds.

Are Barry Sanders and Bob Sanders and Deion Sanders Related in any way?

No. Barry Sanders, Bob Sanders and Deion Sanders are not related to each other at all.

Who is married to carolyn chambers?

Deion Sanders is married to Carolyn Chambers. Answer is Deion Sanders.

What number was Deion Sanders when he played for the New York Yankees?

Deion Sanders played for the Yankees in 1989 and 1990. In 1989, he wore #24 and in 1990, he wore #21.

Are bob sanders and Deion Sanders brothers?


Did Deion Sanders ever play for the Bears?

Football: Falcons, 49ers, Cowboys, and Redskins Baseball: Yankees, Braves, and Reds

What player played in both the Super Bowl and the World Series?

deion sanders, superbowl with the cowboys and world series with the braves

Did Deon Sanders win a world series ring with Braves?

No, Deion Sanders was traded by Atlanta to the Cincinnati Reds in May 1994. The following season the Braves won their only World Series since moving to Georgia. Sanders retired from MLB, ringless, in 2001.

What is Deion Sanders net worth?

Forbes has estimated Deion Sanders net worth near $208,000,000.