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What was Dimitri Mendeleev buried with?

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When Dmitri Mendeleev died, they draped a copy of the periodic table over the coffin and buried it with him. Mendeleev was born in 1834 and died in 1907.

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What or who is dimitri mendeleev?

dimitri mendeleev was the father of the periodic table of elements

What nationality was dimitri mendeleev?

He was Russian.

What did Dimitri Mendeleev do in depth?

Mendeleev laid the foundation for theperiodictable that we know today

Did Dimitri Mendeleev have a wife and kids?

As per some of the biographies on Mendeleev, he is unmarried.

Where Dimitri Mendeleev live?

He was Russian and lived there.

Atomic theory dimitri mendeleev?

Can I has participle?

How are elements discovered and named?

by dimitri mendeleev

What country was Dimitri Mendeleev from?


When did dimitri mendeleev get the Nobel Prize?

Mendeleev received the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1906.

Where was Dmitri Mendeleev buried?

Mendeleev was buried at Literatorskie Mostky. A link can be found below.

What is dimitri mendeleev?

a scientist and the creator of the periodic table.

Developed industrial alloys and synthetics?

dimitri mendeleev A+

What did dimitri mendeleev study in college?

chemistry and physics

Who was the chemist that organized the elements into a chart?

Dimitri Mendeleev

Who arranged the periodic table by mass?

Dimitri Mendeleev

What did dimitri mendeleev train to be?

he trained to be a science teacher.

Who discovered the periodic table of element?

Dimitri Mendeleev

What scientist was mendelevium name after?

This chemist was Dimitri Mendeleev.

Who designed the original periodic table?

Answer_ -Dimitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer Q:Who designed the original periodic table? A:_ -Dimitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer chemistry

Why is mendelevium named after Dimitri Mendeleev?

The name of the chemical element mendelevium is derived from the name of the Russian chemist Dimitri Ivanovici Mendeleev, the discoverer of the periodic table of elements.

Who is the Scientist that arranged the elements by atomic number?

Dimitri Mendeleev Many believe it was Dimitri Mendeleev, but he arranged then by atomic weight. Henry Moseley arranged them by atomic number.

The Russian chemist who developed the periodic table of the elements?

Dmitri Mendeleev Dimitri Mendeleev. Dmitri Mendeleyev

What college did Dimitri Mendeleev go to?

Dmitri Mendeleev was a graduate of St. Petersburg University-Pedagogical Insitute.

Who was the first person to organize the Periodic Table?

It was Dimitri Mendeleev

Where did Dimitri Mendeleev born?

Verhnie Aremzyani, Russian Empire