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Q: What was Djibouti during bible times?
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What are the names of the existing populated nations during Bible times?

What were the names of the existing populated nations during Bible times

Where is Prophet M uhammad in the Bible?

He was born during Bible times now was he mentioned in the Bible.

What are the Hebrew peoples race in the Holy Bible?

My opinion, is that during Bible times, Hebrew peoples were considered as, Jews.

Who hung christians and burned them as street lights during bible times?


What country is Djibouti?

Djibouti is the country of Djibouti.

What is djibouti's capital of country?

The capital of Djibouti is Djibouti!

What was read during the medieval times?

The Bible the works of Aristotle guides to proper living

Was it a Jewish custom during bible times to fold a napkin?

No, that's a Christian concept.

What is the capital of Djibouti?

The city of Djibouti is the capital of the country Djibouti.

What is is the capital of Djibouti?

Djibouti City is the capital and largest city of Djibouti.

Is the bible a supernatural book?

the bible is known as the book of sorrow and it was made and used during troublesome times it had a purpose of helping those in hardships.

What does the Bible say about contraception?

The Bible is silent on this matter as it was not around during these times. The Bible does have a lot to say about children though beginning with Genesis 4:1 - as a gift from God.

What was the country east of Israel during bible times?

East of Israel were Edom, Ammon and Moab.

What animal is not mentioned in the Bible?

A Domesticated cat. There were no domesticated or house cats during biblical times.

What is the French spelling of Djibouti?


How many times is the word tribe mentioned in the bible?

How many times is the word worry we find in the Bible Bible

Is there a date change from Djibouti to the United States?

Yes, there can be a date change in traveling from Djibouti to the United States of America. Djibouti is in the Eastern Africa time zone, which is ahead of continental U.S. time zones. It is possible to depart from Djibouti and arrive in the U.S. on the previous day, according to U.S. local times.

Was nostradamus alive during Bible times?

No, he lived during the renaissance (1502 - 1566 AD). "Biblical times" is probably anytime before aprox. the year 50 AD

How many times is the word Extra mentioned in the Bible?

In the King James Bible - 0 times New International Bible - 4 times Living Bible it is found - 23 times

What is Djibouti's nickname?

It was called Punt in ancient times. It was also called French Somaliland.

How many times is the word 'it' in the Bible?

6130 times in the KJV Bible.

The word Bible appears how many times in the Bible?

0 times.

What is the continent of djibouti?

Djibouti is a country in Africa.

What is djibouti's climate?

Djibouti has a semidesert climate.

How do you spell djibouti?

Asked and answered Djibouti