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ESPN began broadcasting September 7, 1979 at 7PM ET and its first broadcast of actual games was a double header of two slow pitch softball World Series games. You can view on ESPN the actual opening of the first show where they quote the lineup... first a preview of NCAA, (i.e. not a game) then a double header of the professional slow pitch world series to verify this, as well as verifying the event date on the Corporate fact sheet listing the date of launch.

It was a softball game, and the leadoff batter for the Kentucky Bourbons was Nick Nikitas, my daughter's 8th grade Basketball coach.

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Where was The first televised sporting event?

The first televised sporting event was a college baseball game between Columbia and Princeton in 1939. Although the first televised network sports broadcast was NBC's Gillette Cavalcade of Sports, which premiered in 1944 with the Willie Pep vs. Chalky White Featherweight Championship bout.

What was first televised sport event in 1931?

The first televised sporting event was a college baseball game between Columbia and Princeton in 1939, covered by one camera providing a point of view along the third base line. There really was so very little TV in 1931 that it was useless to have TV. By 1936 there were fewer than 200 Televisions worldwide. The first-ever sporting event televised was an elementary baseball game in Japan in 1931

When was the first women's televised sporting event?

January 4th, 1964. JoAnne Smith was the winner of the first televised woman's sporting event. It was ski jumping. She won by 20 meters. She is my great grandmother. I could be wrong, but I do believe that some ladies golf tournaments/challenges were televised before 1964. I remember watching the great Mickey Wright play against another woman golfer (I think it was Sandra Haynie) and think it was closer to 1962. Surreyfan

When was the first rugby match televised?

In the year of 1961, the first rugby match was televised. This televised event took place in Australia, where rugby was first introduced.

What was the first sporting event to be aired on the radio?

The first sporting event to be to publicly broadcasted was a boxing match in 1921.

What year was the first televised sporting event of a baseball game broadcasted?

1939, May 17th. Columbia VS Princeton baseball game from Baker Field in Northern Manhattan.

The first televised sporting event a baseball game was brodcast in?

It was broadcast on August 26, 1939. The game was between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Cincinnati Reds at Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York.

Which was the first sporting event to be broadcast on television?

the first television broadcast in US in 1926

What was the first sporting event on TV?

it is the show when they show highlight and you played the day before that.

What was the first sport televised in the US?

The first televised sport in the us is baseball

When were the Tony awards first televised?

The 1956 Tony Awards were the first to be televised.

When was the first college football game televised?

Michigan's first televised game was in what year?

When was the queen's first televised Christmas message?

The first televised Christmas Message was in 1957.

When was the FIFA World Cup first televised?

The World Cup was first televised in 1954.

When did cheerleading first start?

Cheerleading first began in the late 1880's when a yell or chant was first done at a sporting event.

In what year was the first sporting event held?

in 437 bc when the sky ran races 0.313

What is the longest running sporting event in the us?

The Kentucky Derby whose first running was in 1875.

What was the first sporting event where people had to pay?

The first sports events where people had to pay were the Games in the Coliseum in Rome,Italy.

What is a noteworthy event that happened today in history for 5th of October?

A noteworthy event that took place on October the 5th was the first televised White House address given by President Truman.

When was the first televised inauguration?

1949. Harry Truman's second inauguration (his first was after FDR's death) was the first one televised.

When was the first televised inaugurated ceremony?

The first televised inauguration was Harry Truman's on Jan 20, 1949.

When did ESPN debut on television?

September 7, 1979. Their first show was SportsCenter. Their first sporting event was a pro softball game.

In 1931 what became the first ever televised sport event?

Cleveland Browns Football Cleveland Browns Football Cleveland Browns Football

Which President had the first televised inauguration in color?

John F Kennedy had the first inauguration televised in color, in 1961.

What year was the Oscar first televised in color?

The 38th Academy Awards Ceremony in 1966 was the first to be televised in color.

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