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Poe was a Monist. He believed the universe was all One, and this One was God. He explains this in his cosmological essay, "Eureka."

--Added: Poe was most likely a Protestant. He is recorded attending various churches throughout his lifetime, but was not known to formally be a member of any. He made no concrete statement as to which denomination, if any in particular, he followed, however he was known to play cards with Jesuit priests. Poe carried a bible with him and it was believed to be in his trunk when he died.

It is imperative to understand most of his writing was fiction and should be considered as such. One of the primary complaints Poe voiced against Fiction was the growing trend, during his life, of over-analyzing what was mere fiction.

More information can be found at the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore linked below. he was a christian

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What was Edgar allan poes love life like?


Who does the speaker eventually imagine is at the door in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"?

His lost love

What was Edgar Allan Poe stories mostly about?

Poes stories were all about dead and misery

Did Edgar allan poes mom have a job when she was alive?

Poe's mother was a travelling actress.

In Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven," how does the speaker describe the bird by the end of the poem?

like a demon

What is the supernatural theme in Edgar Allan Poes text?

Well a talking raven is part of the supernatural.

What trait of Gothic literature does this passage have in common with Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"?

an exploration of humanity's dark side

Into what genre do both Edgar Allan Poes The Philosophy of Composition and Stephen Kings On Writing fall?


What is Edgar allan poes story that a sailor survives after being sucked in a whirlpool?

That story is called "Descent into the Maelstrom."

Which of the following is safe to say based on this excerpt from Edgar Allan Poes The Tell Tale Heart to?

The narrator is unreliable.

What is the religion of Edgar Allan Poe?

He was Christian.

What was Edgar Allan Poes favorite color?

Edgar Allan Poe's favorite color was probably red or black because most of his poems, stories, and tales are about murder and death. Red and black are the colors of death and murder.

What are all of Edgar allan poes jobs in a lifetime?

first he was in a military academy then he wrote things for the newspaper then became a poet etc

How did Edgar Allan Poes' mother die?

Edgar Allan Poe's birth mother was Elizabeth Arnold Poe. She died December 8, 1811, in Richmond, Virginia, of unknown cases (possibly pneumonia). Edgar was two years old when she died. they died of tuberculosis!!

In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven what happens at the end of the poem that puts the speaker over the edge?

The speaker realizes the bird's message will always haunt him

What is the moral of Edgar Allan Poes Masque of Red Death?

The moral of The Masque of the Red Death is that, no one can escape death. Death is inevitable.

What initial reaction does the speaker have to the bird in Edgar allan poes the raven?

Its amused I got it right

What was Edgar allan poes relationship with his step parents?

Poe did not have step parents. John and Frances Allan were Poe's foster parents. Poe adored his foster mother and detested his foster father.

What did Edgar Allan Poe's mother die of?

PneumoniaAccording to a family member, she died of pneumonia, not tuberculosis as his wife had. There is no history that Poes' natural mother had tuberculosis.

In Edgar Allan Poe's "The Philosophy of Composition," how does Poe say he creates contrast when the bird first appears in "The Raven"?

By placing the black bird on a marble statue.

When did Edgar Allan Poe write The Black Cat?

The Black Cat was written sometime in late 1842 early 1843. It was first published on August 19, 1843 in the United States Saturday Post.Edgar Allan Poes tale 'The Black Cat' was written in 1843.

What kind of god did Edgar Allan Poe believe in?

He didn't."All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry."- Edgar Allan Poe

Is it Edgar Allen Poe or Edgar Allan Poe?

It is Edgar Allan Poe

What are some settings of Edgar Allan Poes short stories?

Most of the settings for Edgar Allan Poe's short stories are very vague or ambiguous. However, The Man of the Crowd takes place in London; Descent into the Maelstom, off the coast of Norway; and A Tale of the Ragged Mountains, in Virginia.

In Edgar Allan Poe's "The Philosophy of Composition," how does Poe say the "unity of effect" is affected by the length of a poem?

The "unity of effect" is greater in a short poem that can be read all at once. - (APEX)