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Poe was a Monist. He believed the universe was all One, and this One was God. He explains this in his cosmological essay, "Eureka."

--Added: Poe was most likely a Protestant. He is recorded attending various churches throughout his lifetime, but was not known to formally be a member of any. He made no concrete statement as to which denomination, if any in particular, he followed, however he was known to play cards with Jesuit priests. Poe carried a bible with him and it was believed to be in his trunk when he died.

It is imperative to understand most of his writing was fiction and should be considered as such. One of the primary complaints Poe voiced against Fiction was the growing trend, during his life, of over-analyzing what was mere fiction.

More information can be found at the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore linked below. he was a christian

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Q: What was Edgar Allan Poe's religion?
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