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Q: What was Edward John Eyre's expedition?
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Related questions

What was Edward Eyres expedition?

Edward Eyre was a Brit who explored the Australian continent. He moved to Sydney as a teenager, and explored South Australia in 1839.

Edward john Eyres family tree?

he did have a family, a wife 4 boys and 1 girl.

Who was Jane Eyres lover?

Mr. Edward Rochester.

What were Jane Eyres cousins names?

St John Rivers, Mary Rivers, and Diana Rivers

Did Edward John Eyre use a boat on his expedition?

No. As an overlander and an explorer, Edward Eyre had only two forms of transport available to him: walking, and horseback.

Was Edward John Eyre rich?

No, Edward Eyre was not rich. In fact, he had to sell most of his own stock animals in order to fund his expedition across the Nullarbor.

When did Johnny Eyres die?

Johnny Eyres died in 1975.

What is Eyres-Moncube's population?

The population of Eyres-Moncube is 368.

When was Harry Eyres born?

Harry Eyres was born in 1958.

What made Edward John Eyre go on his expedition?

He went because of a sence of adventure, Victorian values, pride and determination and also because no one else had done it! I retreaced some of his 1841 expedition across the Nullarbor in 2008. My name is Chris Eyre a great great grandson of Edward John Eyre.

When was David Eyres born?

David Eyres was born on 1964-02-26.

What is the area of Eyres-Moncube?

The area of Eyres-Moncube is 12.19 square kilometers.

When was Richard Eyres born?

Richard Eyres was born on 1966-12-07.

When was Robert Eyres Landor born?

Robert Eyres Landor was born in 1781.

When did Robert Eyres Landor die?

Robert Eyres Landor died in 1869.

When was Johnny Eyres born?

Johnny Eyres was born on 1899-03-20.

When was Nathan Eyres-Brown born?

Nathan Eyres-Brown was born in 1989.

When was Paul Eyres born?

Paul Eyres was born in 1972, in Manchester, England, UK.

Who paid for john cabots expedition?

Bristol and England paid for john Cabot's expedition

What has the author Jeremy Peter Eyres written?

Jeremy Peter Eyres has written: 'The oligochaetes of the River Irwell'

What has the author William Eyres Sloan written?

William Eyres Sloan has written: 'Recollections of sixty years'

What has the author Harold T Eyres written?

Harold T. Eyres has written: 'Introducing wood' -- subject(s): Wood

Who paid for John Cabot's expedition?

Several wealthy merchants of Bristol, England, paid for John Cabot's first expedition.

How did Jane eyres parents die?

From typhus fever

What happened to edward John Eyre?

Who married Edward john eyre